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GCam for Exynos S10e - Colors are washed out. Help?

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New member
Jun 14, 2021

I'm currently using the GCam 8.1.101 ruler version (https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-bsg/f/dl14/) for my S10e Exynos, and it looks really bad, there are a lot of problems, such as:
  • Noise on the very top and very bottom of the photo
  • Colors are really washed out, sometimes it feels like it is a black and white image
  • I was expecting more dynamic range (black zones are deep black) since I'm using the Enhanced HDR+
I mean the Gcam on my OP3 does a lot better photos, I'm not gonna lie, is this because of the Exynos version? Is there any way to solve these problems?
I'm really ok on downgrading version to stable like 6.x (I just need normal mode and night mode on back camera) but I don't know which one works better. If possible I would like to have easy to understand control on colors, shadows, exposure and lightning.

I already tried looking into the forum for other version but they all have something that doesn't work or washed out colors, so please give me any thread if you know one, thanks.

I don't mind about the non-working selfie camera or new features such as slow mode, astrophotography, etc..

If I need to put some sample photos, let me know :)

Thank you very much everyone.