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Themes / Apps / Mods GCAM for Exynos S21 Ultra

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Aug 26, 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra


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Mar 23, 2011
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OnePlus 5T
Appreciate the reply @beserker15 ! Unfortunately for me I tried that method and failed miserably, so eventually I gave up and reverted to stock, relocking the bootloader.

I got another question regarding this topic, if you guys don't mind. Is there any possibility at all that Samsung might allow Auxiliary lens support in 3rd party apps, in the upcoming OneUI 4.0(?) update? Obviously I mean for Exynos. If only they could do what they did with the Snapdragon variant... All lenses being supported with the exception of the selfie cam - that would be great! Front camera in GCam is not really necessary (in my opinion), however the tele lenses would be quite useful.
i raised this up multiple times in comments and in posts on samsung dev forums, one of them i had seen got accepted and is being reviewed but its kept private now. so im not sure if its even being considered.

there was this remote post about this

but... no expectations. actually why the F samsung enabled them for snapdragon and not for exynos, i have no idea !!! such a .I. move it is!


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Jan 16, 2011
Xiaomi Mi 10T / 10T Pro
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