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Sep 4, 2018
guys I inform you that the shamim v23fix is out, by chance you know how to make the hi res button and the 700mp button appear ??
Not really, but why do You want that so much? That is fake resolution and gonna take long time to process..

Actually I did it, 700mp is 12x58, but it is not finishing the process..


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    My config with arcide lib 04-30, shamim v23fix version, v24 is black and white idk why.
    arcide lib link
    Adjusted it a bit, better for low light.
    Shamim V22 is available.
    Turn on hdr enhanced if You want better hdr.
    So, the instruction here is to download Shamim V22, import the Lib and the XML?

    Can you inform what is working and what it not?

    May i use GCAM on my Samsung Galaxy A73 5G?
    Find a phone that has the same processor with a gcam thread and maybe that works or You can just try out different versions.
    Btw first page in google scearch:
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    Hi All,

    GCAM for S21 Ultra. For Exynos, try BSG or Zoran. BSG has recently updated.

    Anybody using GCAM on S21 Ultra Exynos variant? Kindly post here which version and config file you're using.

    What's working & what are the known issues with Exynos variant?
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    After a few hours of tinkering with the settings and trying different versions, I've come to the conclusion that Wichaya's build is, at the moment, the most usable with the S21U Exynos on One UI 4.0 beta 2. - download either the Samsung Ruler or Scan3D versions (otherwise you won't have access to the Auxiliary lenses).

    Attached to this post should be a .xml file which is a configuration file, created by me, SPECIFICALLY for the Wichaya GCam 1.4 version.

    I made a few changes here and there, mostly fixing the camera IDs. Now I am pleased to say ALL cameras work. All 4 on the back and the selfie cam works too (needed a little fix).

    My .xml is quite "barebones" - I only fixed what needed to be fixed so the app doesn't crash. Although I haven't tried video modes....
    Feel free to adjust the ram patcher and other settings to your liking.

    Why is Wichaya's GCam more usable than Arnova's?

    Well, simply because there is a problem with the 3x telephoto on Arnova's version. The pictures come out very noisy, and no setting I've tried seemed to help. Also using the selfie cam caused the app to crash. So yes, right now I suggest using Wichaya's build.
    Hi guys, soon-to-be S21 Ultra (exynos) user here. Has anything changed in regards to auxiliary lenses in apps like GCam? Do the telephotos work, or still just the ultra wide? Thanks.
    To my knowledge still only UW and UWW, so no telephoto lenses on GCams.... I'd be very happy if someone could correct me, though ;)
    Telephoto with GCam can work...but not without effort. First, you need root. Second, you need that root access to replace a system library file with a patched one. Since a patched library file is needed, it means that with every system update, you need a new patched library. Probably not worth it for most, but if you are already rooted, could be worth a try. I don't have the Exynos model, but this file should work for the AUDA build ROMS.
    Another new Arcide lib with default merge, ISO, and JPG quality set
    changelog from Arcide:
    - Fix for reducing motion artifacts
    - Reduced sharpness overall (decreased low radius sharpness, increased big sharp)
    - Reduced certain denoise parameters for improved textures
    - Reduced chroma denoise for better colors
    - Tuned lighting: reduced HDR, new tone curve, higher contrast
    - Activated noise model by default