GCam for Galaxy S8+ Exynos with Android 9.0 Pie non-root

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Exynos with android 9.0 Pie and OneUI 1.0, not rooted.
    I have searched for a Gcam apk to work with my phone with night sight (night mode) and eventually all features working ;)

    The solution that I found is the following:
    First, I have installed:
    Arnova's Advanced 1.5: GCam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.5.190418.1850.apk (Arnova8G2, 2019-04-18)
    from here:


    I have used the following settings in the application:
    Mod settings:
    - HDR+ parameters: 15
    - Autoexposure correction: 1,5 sec
    - Correction NightSight: 1/6 sec
    - Pixel 3 AWB: “ON”
    - Advanced > Base > Config > “Pixel2018 HW Zsl Hdr(need YUV)
    - Advanced > Base > Back camera > “Pixel 3 XL”
    - Advanced > Base > Front camera > “Pixel 3 XL”
    - Advanced > FIX > Using Sabre: “Auto”
    - Advanced > FIX > RAW Format: “RW_SENSOR”
    - Advanced > FIX > Viewfinder Format: “YUV_420_888”

    - Advanced > General > Final JPG quality: “100%”
    - Advanced > General > Option HDR+: “ON”
    - Advanced > Portrait > Enhanced HDR+: “ON”
    - Advanced > Portrait > Remove zoom: “ON”
    - Advanced > Portrait > Save to /DCIM/Camera: “ON”
    - Advanced > Nightvision > Alternative config: “ON”
    - Advanced > Others > Optical Stabilization (OIS): “ON”

    All the features of GCam are working without error.
    I have tried also to install from the same site:
    Arnova's Advanced 1.7: Gcam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.7.190716.1800.apk (Arnova8G2, 2019-07-16)

    with the same settings are there are no problems there also.
    If this helps you, don't forget to press the THANKS Button :)

    If you want to say "thanks" to Arnova8G2, use his donation link:
    Good but portrait not working

    Everything works pretty well except Portrait Mode.
    Photos are way too over exposed.

    Do you know any setting that could fix that?
    Yes, it works.
    Hello everyone! Does this work for the galaxy s8 exynos?? I redirected here from the gcam forum in xda..
    Yes it works good on exynos model. Apply the settings as told by senior xda member, @extended84

    If applying those many r too much then atleast do the following for PORTRAIT MODE and NIGHT Sight to work. Follow.my steps below:

    1) Advanced > FIX > RAW Format: “RW_SENSOR”
    2) Advanced > Nightvision > Alternative config: “ON”

    In my review there is slight difference in Gcam n Samsung Camera. But Gcam gives u variety of options to change.
    I follow all the instruction as it is , using samsung s8+ Exynos stock.
    Gcam normal camera works but portrait or night shot give literally white images after taken.