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Dec 10, 2016
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Fellow X3 NFC users, what new version/xml have you been using recently?
The newest isn't necessarily the best. I have been using Aspen Cam for 18 months now, I think.

I haven't found a GCam yet that has a) better picture quality and b) good video stabilization

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Second place goes to MTSL 7.2

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Nov 21, 2015
The newest isn't necessarily the best. I have been using Aspen Cam for 18 months now, I think.

I haven't found a GCam yet that has a) better picture quality and b) good video stabilization


Second place goes to MTSL 7.2

can you upload

Aspen8.1.200_SlibNRct682fix.apk again? only is available if you are premium
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Dec 10, 2016
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
Xiaomi Mi Band 4
This doesn't seem to have secondary lens support (wide, macro) 🤔
Yep, that's the only downside of this mod. I don't really use them, so I can live with that limitation.

If you use the secondary lenses often, try MTSL:

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I don't remember why MTSL was my second choice only but it was either because video stabilization is worse than Aspen or indoor photos with artificial light was giving weird colors
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Yep, that's the only downside of this mod. I don't really use them, so I can live with that limitation.

If you use the secondary lenses often, try MTSL:


I don't remember why MTSL was my second choice only but it was either because video stabilization is worse than Aspen or indoor photos with artificial light was giving weird colors
This is what I've been using quite happily:
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Aug 10, 2021
Hey guys if anyone got a good gcam with its config for a good selfie with a good saturated colours and good facial tone, please post it.
The one I use is perfect for the main camera but not for selfies.

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Jan 31, 2011
Finding a proper GCam + config combo turns out to be quite tricky, which is why I hope that someone with more time at hands can have a look and report back here.

From the LOS thread:
Camera Notes
ANX camera is not recomended and will most probably NOT work.
To get a fully working camera try one of the gcams here.
Do not forget to copy&load the associated xml file!

Official LOS uses oss camera service, so xml written for other custom roms might not work.
The gcams at the above link have modified xmls for LOS.
So far I have tried my previous favorite (NGCam v7.4.104-v2.0) that I have in use on ArrowOS 11 (last version with MIUI vendor), but it crashes as was to be expected due to the camera service as mentioned above.

I have also tried UltraCVM (v8.1 from the link above and v8.4.300.10u_ucvm from the GCam Hub) which worked with the provided config file, but unfortunately it does not seem to support a 3rd party gallery, I could not find out how to change camera lenses, and at one point while playing around with it, it just crashed.

So in the end I really would like to have a camera app that supports slow motion and time lapse video, 3rd party gallery, all the available lenses and runs stable.

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    Hi All, wanted to share my findings with the community. These are purely my personal preferences and opinions. I also have an iPhone XR and use that as a baseline.

    First I am mainly interested in skin tones, I personally feel we are all very attuned to skin tones and that's the best way to get a feel for a camera's quality.

    For things like plants, flowers, landscapes, buildings and objects sometimes it becomes very difficult to tell even poor and good cameras apart.

    So lets begin. All this is on MIUI stock 12.0.3 ROM. I will focus on the main and selfie camera. Haven't tested video or the wide lens.

    The Stock Camera
    The stock camera is decent but has a reddish brownish skin tone. On zoom in many situations you will see smudging. Its also not sharp. The selfie camera suffers from the same problems only more accentuated. Very smudgy, too much contrast, reddish brownish tone and overall lack of clarity and detail. In low light the problems become more accentuated.

    Nikita 7.4 2.0 with Vanpoko's config V3
    Thanks to vanpoko for coming out with various configs for this. This camera is really extraordinary sharp on objects and color is also decent for objects. However its way too sharp for human subjects and gives an unnatural look. Skins tone also look unnatural. The selfie camera is oversharpened and unnatural - its unusable. The sharpening is extreme and skin tones just look off.

    The next 2 are from the Poco X3 camera thread on 4pda. There are more than 650 pages on that thread and I used Google translate to read some of them. There are a lot of configs, versions, differing opinions, samples to wade through.

    BSG 8.1 GVq
    This one is quite good out of the box. If you have a pet you will get fantastic pictures out of the box with BSG with proper color, detail, sharpness and proper definition on the eyes. Its way way better than stock and in some cases beats my iPhone XR for pets. The colors are on point though some may find it a bit faded. Skin tones are well represented in both good light and low light situations. There is details and none of the smudging you see on the stock. The selfie camera is also good for skin tones, again some may find this slightly washed out but the details are well captured. A simply brightening and contrast in the default image editor will dramatically improve the image for most tastes.

    This camera is extremely good for pets. This is on out of the box config. For main lens in the settings I used Pixel4 for both HDR+ and AWB correction. These settings are in settings -> additional modules settings -> settings back lens. For selfie camera I found Samsung T2 AWB gave the best colors. This is in settings -> additional modules settings -> settings front lens -> awb correction. For the custom library I used Lib r1_01_Final - the skin tone colors are slightly better here than the default Google lib. There are many other BSG versions on the 4pda thread but I found the GVq versions shared there worked well. Its available on celsoazevedo Gcam site. Its the 8.1.101_A9_GVq one.

    Aspen 8.1.200 and
    There is not much discussion on this Gcam mod on XDA or on celsoazevedo. Both along with BSG are highly rated on the 4pda thread. I found 8.1.200 nearly as good as BSG, just a slightly different color tone. Its also nearly as sharp as BSG. For the Selfie camera, some may find this better than BSG. Unfortunately the apks and configs are only available in the 4pda thread. The best library I found for color accuracy was 1.8re which many on the thread recommend. Like BSG the Aspen 1.8.200 is much better for skin tones, pets and many other things than the stock cameras.

    The version is extremely similar to the 8.1.200 version. Its slightly less sharp I found for pets and skin tones, and the selfie is just slightly, very slightly more natural looking. Again this is with lib1.8re. The other popular lib is 1.9final and I found 1.8re is generally better for skin tones on the front camera. The main camera is quite similar. On Aspen default AWB on gives a cooler more 'pastely' color tone but you can put it off to get a slightly warmer more accurate tone closer to BSG.

    The 4pda thread is very confusing but for Aspen the bulk of the posts, configs and apks is shared by user Paradisoko. There are also a lot of useful posts and real world comparisons by both paradisoko and hulksvs on Aspen 8.1 and BSG. Thanks to both of these users and the 4pda community for providing a mod that improves the Poco default camera. One thing to note is Aspen does not support the wide camera while BSG does. I haven't tested much video but BSG records 1080p stabilized.

    I think most users will find BSG 8.1 a good alternative to the stock cam. It works well out of the box for the X3 and I personally think colors are extremely accurate and skin tone and details is perhaps as good as the camera hardware allows. Aspen 8.1.200 is also worth trying, its very good, and you can install and use both together. Hope this was useful to users here.
    OK, here goes what technically is the masterpiece of all GCams, the latest BSG's private version. First, if you have installed the premium MOD and you want to try this one, you don't need to uninstall anything; both are compatible and you can have the two BSGs installed. In this mod everything that I have tested works OK, even slow motion in HD. About the xmls, they can be loaded from any folder, although the apk uses its custom folder inside Downloads, so when it's created better move all the xmls inside that folder.

    Download the apk from here:

    UPDATE: added the zip BSG_ONE_PV4.zip. It contains the main xml and the lib Google 8.1.200.so. All the xmls work with both the default google lib and the modified, so you can try both of them or stay with the default; it's very easy to change libs: just go to the configuration and in the custom libray section you can load, change, restore default, etc libraries. I personally like more the modified one, I find better light and colors in the Google 8.1.200 lib.

    NOTE: I've reuploaded BSG_ONE_PV4.zip as there was a problem with EIS that now it's solved and video stabilization works ok in the reworked BSG_ONE_PV4.xml.

    UPDATE: Added 2 new xmls for you to experience: kalamazoo_PV4.xml & rainmaker_PV4.xml.
    Sorry for my ignorance but did you post them in this thread or elsewhere?
    I can't find the files you've mentioned above 🤔

    NGcam 8.2.300 1.5



    BSG Premium_8.1.MOD

    NGcam 7.4 2.0

    Hi everyone. I'm using the new Poco X3 since yesterday and it's a blast. Do you know of any GCam port available for this phone?
    I present to you the Google Camera which focuses on natural/realistic photography. Config by me. APK based on MGC v8.1.101 A9 GVb1 by BSG.

    - I was tired of seeing oversharpened XMLs for Gcam with excessive use of HDR effect (wider dynamic range than it really is & too much light in photos). I have Nokia 808 Pureview as my backup device which is known as a camera beast. I think that it's processing of photos is the most natural out of all the phones out there. I wanted to achieve the goal to have Poco X3 with the same photo processing as Nokia 808 Pureview. So this Gcam is more focused on hardware than on software photo processing. I will give you a little teaser. Here is the comparison between this Poco X3 Gcam mod & Nokia 808 Pureview (you can ignore contrast artifacts which are fixed):

    Poco X3:

    Nokia 808 Pureview:

    Compared to stock camera & some other Gcam mods, this Gcam offers:
    + better color reproduction
    + better choice of automatic white balance
    + no oversharpening (still has more sharpening than Nokia 808 lmao)
    + finer details
    + low noise
    + good enough & realistic dynamic range
    + real amount of light in photos (in amount of which sensor allows; f.e it's not possible for this sensor to obtain enough amount of light in night)

    - worse dynamic range in more complex scenes (because no HDR effect is used) [complex scene example: you're taking a photo of open window with a lot of light]
    - less light in some objects in more complex scenes (same as above)
    - too strong contrast (sensor limitation, not an app issue)
    - white balance is not always perfect, it can miss white balance indoors, especially when artificial light (bulb, LED) is used
    - ultrawide camera has more saturation than it is in reality, but the other colors are perfectly rendered (fixable)
    - you have to constantly disable AWB If you want better white balance for macro camera as it's not possible currently to choose AWB for individual camera sensors
    - slower camera switching (could be because of APK, also could be the ROM issue)
    - slower photo taking (because I focus on maximum picture quality, I did set the HDR+ Enhanced frames to 48 frames. If you want faster photo taking, use HDR+ instead with some miniscule degradation in photo quality)

    Most of these cons are also in other camera softwares, some of them are sensor limited, i just listed all cons that I could find.

    Download links:
    - APK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10m0QvpaJK-H1ZhiHerxN4GoPUrrBkfLd/view?usp=sharing
    - SlibP lib: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RjklqejM3lpro3V6Jn1nlzAqh305aCfL/view?usp=sharing
    - XML: https://drive.google.com/file/d/182DNsPdyDQ2f9Zl0B1FwDKoT4O9ZB1l2/view?usp=sharing

    1. Download & install APK
    2. Download SlibP.so lib & let it stay in Downloads folder
    3. Download my XML & in Gcam double tap the empty space where shutter button is located. Pop up window will appear, just select the downloaded XML
    4. In Gcam settings select option "Custom library" than click "Load custom lib" where you will select the downloaded SlibP.so lib.

    That's it, enjoy!