Gcam for S20 Ultra

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Dec 5, 2011
It's definitely a much better level of detail comparing to stock cam on my S20+ Exynos. This is important for me as I'm so tired of the over-softening or "noise reduction" of Samsung stock, killing all details and skin texture.

Color/AWB and HDR are not always that great though. For example, leaving AWB on in portrait mode totally screws up the color . Or HDR can burn the photo too much under bright light. A more accurate config is still much needed.

Different sensors between the S20+ and Ultra, maybe the reason, but way back with S9 etc I never got better results with gcam, stock always looked better, and to be expected as the stock camera contains the framework and drivers for the camera, 3rd party do not so you lose quality

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Can you post comparison shots with gcam and stock?

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    I'am Just curious, do you really think these night pictures with zgcam are good? I give you one thing, it's brighter so you can see more. But it's so pumped up in contrast, the pictures are really pale.

    i never said the picture are better with GCAM.
    the colors are more naturals than stock that's all ... and as i told long time before there's no real GCAM version for the new S20 Ultra hardware at this moment so we just need to wait for a correct version:angel:
    this camera is amazing for the moment but Gcam show that samsung can improve the software a lot and the quality can be much better with stock
    look at the raw shot :cool:
    Front canera takes green pictures, garbage

    stock is better for the moment, we need to wait a true version for S20 series.
    but you can set the app for day shots to remove green tint on the front
    It's so underexposed with S20+ Exynos.
    Can you please post your settings, my S20 plus does has greenish tint in the photos and the portrait mode is mostly green

    Hi Depakjan,

    if your photos are green (front camera only in principle ..) it's because your favorite Avengers is "HULK" :laugh: lol
    otherwise in advanced settings; based; Front camera model set as Pixel 3XL

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    I can't find a link to download? Can you please share? Also does it work with S20+ exynos?

    Just google : ZGCAM EXYNOS , i can't share external like for the moment as a new member:mad:
    Does it have the best settings ? I said S20+ Exynos mine.
    For back and front camera*

    unfortunatly i have the s20 ULTRA but your settings are close to S10 note ,than you can easilly use the settingrs of the S10 NOTE to start :


    And adapt to your needs: (day or night shots) and launch the .XML for each use. for the moment with the virus, I only have functional set for night photos (see examples)