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Themes / Apps / Mods GCAM for Snapdragon S21 Ultra

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Jul 25, 2012
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Hi, I've been trying to install the latest version of Arnova but it says app not installed and whenever I try to install, the installer would prompt me if I want to install an update to this existing application. I don't have any previous versions of GCam installed.

Edit: I uninstalled the Measure App. All working now

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    I don't have a gca file. Just the arnova xml i downloaded. Is that what your using?
    Whenever there is a significant enough change in an update, it'll require a new XML. In this case, the XML is inside the GCA file. Download the Arnova ZIP that I shared and extract the GCA from that (XDA doesn't let me upload GCA file types directly).
    Sorry I can't find the ZIP file that you shared.
    So I went to the beta and found the config zip file is that it?

    Ah, are you using the App or something where you don't see attachments? I upload and update all of my configs on the first post.

    So I have one problem maybe you can help me with maybe I did something wrong I don't know but when I take a photo everything's fine except for after it's processed if you watch the thumbnail goes from light to extremely dark almost like it wants to darken the whole thing up.
    lol this is what happens when I tweak my XML at night (forgot to account for uneven lighting). With everything else the same, try this XML and let me know what you think.
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    *UPDATE October 9th 2021*
    Most of the GCam developers are working on 8.3 builds so there hasn't been many updates. However, Arnova just released an update which is probably the final 8.1 build. A new way to share profiles via GCA file is introduced. I've updated my config for the Arnova build.

    *UPDATE July 22nd 2021*
    Updated link to newer BSG Public build. No significant changes but the changelog says photo quality should improve slightly. Also uploaded MWP-HDRv4.zip lib file.

    *UPDATE July 13th 2021*
    Wichaya's build was updated to v1.3 so I updated the link and XML file. Of the three, it now offers the best motion photo resolution. Also updated the Arnova config zip with the HDRfix XML.

    Arnova Gcam-8.1.101.build-V6.1.211009
    This new Arnova update supports GCA profile which is essentially an archive of the XML, noise profiles, and libraries which the GCAM will automatically extract into the proper locations. Download the attached ZIP, extract the GCA file, open up GCAM, give it the various permissions, and then load the GCA file in Settings > Advanced > XML config. After the GCA file is loaded, then load the XML that was extracted from the GCA.

    BSG Public Build MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV1k
    New BSG build probably has the most options out of any GCam 8.1 builds out now. There are so many options that for those who are familiar with GCam tweaks, this would be the go to. I've uploaded my BSG_Public_S21U.xml file but I'm sure there's ways to get even better quality out of it. This XML file goes into the Downloads > MGC_8.1.101_Configs folder.

    Wichaya Build 8.1 version 1.3
    Use the Wichaya_8.1_S21U.xml that's attached for this build. Wichaya might have less options enabled, but it is very stable and produces excellent image quality. If you do not know what all of the GCam RAM Patcher configurations do, start with this build.

    libgcastartup8.1_mNR70W19T28.zip (attached)
    This is a lib file I like, credit to UserX. Extract it and all three builds above have ways to load it. For Arnova, I've already included it in the other zip file. Wichaya would go to camera settings > advanced > custom lib to load it. BSG can load it from camera settings > libraries.

    MWP-HDRv4.zip (attached)
    This lib appears to work well for Wichaya and BSG builds. Credit to MWP. This lib is less contrasty and less saturated compared to the nNR70W19T28 one. Same deal, unzip the lib and load it with GCam.

    What works:
    All 4 rear cameras work.
    Portrait mode also works with all 4 rear cameras.
    Astrophotography works on main and ultra wide.
    Telephoto can only do 1080p recording while main and ultra wide can do 4k (but can zoom further than 20x for video).
    RAW DNG capture for all 4 rear cameras.

    Doesn't work:
    Front camera
    Slow motion

    Steps for loading XML files: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/f/settings09/
    Need to give the app full storage permissions
    Screenshot_20210404-173259_Permission controller.jpg

    Arnova, BSG, Wichaya for their builds of course. If you like the builds, please donate via the links on the download pages.
    Custom noise profiles for the Galaxy S21 Ultra - credit goes to user Matthias for creating them
    Also to user Morgenman for simplifying the ability to create the noise profiles.

    A few pictures taken by said GCam builds above

    Please make sure you play with the settings before condemning the stock Camera app.
    Which settings???? Tick or untick scene optimizer? There is nothing or else i missed something.
    If you are talking pro mode then you are losing zoom ability and HDR... Great improvement!

    Gcam night sight

    Samsung cam app

    The original is wayyy better imo
    why I never succeed make ARNOVA work on my S21 Ultra EXYNOS.. Any clues how to fix it?
    Cause this is for Snapdragon not Exynos
    Alright, big update to the OP. Arnova's newest build and BSG public build was recently released in addition to Wichaya's build from last week. All three are awesome. Read the OP carefully as the setup for each is a little different from each other.