Question GCam for Xiaomi 12 Pro

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Oct 6, 2022
Xiaomi 11T Pro
Xiaomi 12 Pro
Thanks @Il_Gary for the help.
The error that gives me when I open the application is it gives me the error "unable to connect with the camera", then black screen and the application closes and I do not reopen it anymore.
I installed gcamator from play store but it tells me that "google camera for your device was not found. you can press button below to send us request gcam for your device. you will get notification about it" I make the request but I do not answer anything. how should i do?
Do you know that your Camera2api is enabled?


Nov 3, 2022
camera2api is enabled. I have installed the app on the PlayStore but it still does not have the version for the 12t pro stops at 11.

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    I'm very new to Android and this G cam thing but so far I find BSG's 8.5 version works really well with my 12 pro. If anyone wants I could upload my config here.

    Looking forward to the Pixel 7 pro based G-Cam which could definitely use all the power of 12 Pro's hardware.
    There is no dedicated app or config file for Xiaomi 12 Pro. We need to wait.

    Try Gcam from BSG or any new version from other modder, it works but photos are not better than from Xiaomi app.

    PL - nie ma i chuj xD
    Just some tests :

    Low light condition, 2 photos taken with 2s interval only.
    This is a screenshot that have been taken and cropped the same way on both pictures.

    Xiaomi :

    Gcam :