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Aug 18, 2017
PixelCam Origin​

To tell how PixelCam came about, we need to go back a little bit in time.
The year was 2019. Jairo Rossi always had input devices, and that prevented him from using any Gcam mod, which required at least intermediate hardware.

After joining a Brazilian group on Gcams, he noticed that Nathan, one of our administrators, posted a photo taken from a Gcam, using the Lenovo K6 Plus with Custom ROM.
Knowing this, Jairo Rossi went after a K6 Plus that was not in use at a relative's house, and did all the root process and installation of a Custom ROM 64Bit.
But there was a catch: most of the available Gcams did not fully function on the K6 Plus, with the exception of the Urnyx bases. The only obstacle was the front camera that was greenish, regardless of the settings.

It was at that moment that Jairo Rossi approached Urnyx on Telegram to ask if he could fix this bug. Faced with Urnyx's denial on account of the device being input, Jairo Rossi then tried another approach: learn from Urnyx about how to modify the Gcam to be able to correct this error and even make the modifications themselves.

After the entire learning process, with a lot of persistence from Jairo Rossi and Urnyx's willingness to help, a correction was made to the front of the K6 Plus.

With all the knowledge acquired, Jairo Rossi started to research and modify everything that was necessary to make the modifications and corrections. Each change to an item in the settings menu sounded like a victory!
Feeling the need for better hardware than the K6 Plus, Jairo Rossi once again comes across a picture of Nathan in the Gcam group. The device was a Zenfone Max Pro M1.
Then, Jairo Rossi acquired this same device, with more advanced hardware, and started making more significant changes. There came Gcams like Thor, Odin, a group to promote this work, all based on Gcam 6.2.
At this time of Zenfone, Jairo Rossi joined his project with another project based on Gcam, which was where HyperCam emerged.

After working at Hypercam and leaving it with wide compatibility with several devices, and a very good quality, Jairo Rossi, together with the encouragement and partnership of Oswaldo Venâncio from the Morpheu Tech channel on YouTube, decided to head for another, even more ambitious project: PixelCam.

With PixelCam, Jairo Rossi was able to keep Gcam up to date, using the latest bases, and adding even more really useful functions. And now you all know the superior quality of PixelCam, with absurd clarity and unparalleled quality in the most adverse scenarios we have, such as environments with very low light. All this thanks to the dedication of Jairo Rossi, the creation of the XML files of the administrators and all the dedication of the BetaCam beta testers.

Photos using the pixelcam mod:




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May 19, 2020
Which Pixel cam is indicated for Nokia 7 plus? Does it work slow motion?
Since android 10 no gcam mode could manage to make slow motion working again...
Thanks in advance

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    Which Pixel cam is indicated for Nokia 7 plus? Does it work slow motion?
    Since android 10 no gcam mode could manage to make slow motion working again...
    Thanks in advance
    Recommend tests PixelCam Dise, X and FE.
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