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Jan 4, 2011
Hello people :)
Yesterday i decided to give a try on this camera port (Born_to_shot) and i think it is the only gcam port i used that works really good on my Redmi Note 9 Pro (im running unrooted - MIUI Global 12.0.1 Stable). Video works, portrait works, nightsight and astro works too (didn't test in depth the Night and Astro but they seem stable).

I found only one little problem at the moment, and the problem is that when you tap the screen to focus, the focus point jumps and resets back to its first place (centre), so in order to focus anywhere i need to tap one more time. Its not a deal breaker but its a bit annoying.

At the end, i have a small request if anyone wants to help me (if im allowed to ask for it).
Is there anyone with an config xml, that is not that much aggressive with image denoise? Some image noise/grain is always desirable and also makes an image look sharper and real. (I spend about 2 hours playing arround with settings, trying different cameras, different library settings etc. and didn't manage to find a solution that fits my needs). And 2nd, is it possible to tune sharpness only for the Front camera?

I would like to thank the developers for their great work and everything they do for all of us. keep up the good work
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Jul 10, 2007
Hi, i have rn9pro. Everyone looks like they have dark red skin when use the main camera. Any suggestion? Selfie cam is great btw.

  1. Enable Google Auto White Balance (AWB) from the pull-down options.
  2. In colour settings, select the matching sensor AWB for your phone or choose 'Off'.
Google AWB didn't work for me - it got rid of the over-saturated reds in artificial light but resulted in washed out colours overall. I went with 2 and chose 'Off' as my back camera sensor is not listed. Seems better to my eye.

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    Google Camera Port
    by tigr (4PDA user)

    tigr releases a modded Google Camera app, but is only active on 4PDA, a russian speaking forum similar to XDA. He asked me to create a thread here, so everyone is able to discuss it in english.

    - celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-tigr/

    Device support:
    Known to work on:

    - Redmi 5
    - Redmi Note 5
    - Redmi Note 6 Pro
    - Redmi Note 7
    - Pocophone F1
    - Mi A1
    - Mi A2
    - Mi A3
    - Redmi K20
    - Redmi K20 Pro
    - Mi Mix 2S
    - Mi A2 Lite
    - OnePlus 7
    - OnePlus 7 Pro
    - OnePlus 6T
    - Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1
    - Asus ZenFone 5Z
    - Nokia 7 Plus
    - Vivo Y91

    If you have a different device, feel free to test if it works or not. Keep in mind that:

    - The camera2 api needs to be enabled;
    - Your phone needs a modern Snapdragon SoCs running 64bit ROMs;
    - Doesn't work on phones without RAW support (eg: some Sony devices);
    - Newer versions may work only on new Android versions. Old versions might be better for old Android versions;

    Known issues:
    - Slow motion is broken on some phones and Android versions;
    - Some devices have issues with their front cameras (eg: OnePlus 3/3T, 5/5T). You might have to install a fix (if available for your phone) or disable HDR+ on the front camera (setting only available on some apks);
    - Features on new Google Camera versions may take some time to be ported;

    If you have a question, check the generic FAQs and troubleshooting page were you can fine answers for common questions.

    ARCore and Playground:
    - celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/ar/

    If you want to say "thanks" to tigr, use his donation link:
    - paypal.me/DonatesPage
    Is it support Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2?
    Try it and see if it works.
    works like a charm but it would be nice to mention that going into setting after opening the app for first time removes the pink tint.

    i removed the app twice because of not knowing it:mad:
    I have a rooted Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 with the latest Pixel Experience custom ROM.

    I installed trCamera_V4_Stay_Safe, and as soon as I open the app, I get this error: "trCamera keeps stopping."
    Can anyone please check if focus lock is working - any device.

    1. Tap screen to focus on something far away.
    2. Tap focus lock. Keep camera pointing on the focused object far away.
    3. Put hand in front of object and check if it will focus on hand. Yes/No?
    - If no, then done. It works for you.
    - If yes (the focus did change to your hand) then:
    4. Tap again to focus on distant object.
    5. Tap Focus lock.
    6. Check if you can get focus on hand. Yes/No?
    If yes, then it doesn't work at all.
    If no (focus is locked at distance) then it works as mine. It takes two "tap+lock"s to get a successful lock.


    Mine locks instantly.