GCam working on the MoTo G7 (Working, portrait, night sight,video,Pano)

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Feb 2, 2011
Works significantly faster than GCam on my old Nokia 7 Plus, despite having a technically inferior processor. I was expecting it to be much laggier, not faster.


May 8, 2017
You can't set permission for the app maybe with root
And some mods from magisk
If have tried on this on my new g7 what a great phone
En the gcam is really great thanks guys for making it


Nov 20, 2015
I got the Gcam to launch with gestures by going into settings>system>gestures>jump to camera>on then choosing Gcam and then always use. This made Gcam the default when I double tap the power button from any screen as well as when I use the Moto wrist flip. Hope it works as well for you too!


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Apr 16, 2012
Motorola Razr 5G
I took this with the Night Sight, works pretty well. To my eyes it was almost totally dark.


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Aug 28, 2015
Google Pixel 5
Moto G 5G


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Nov 6, 2012
What is GCAM? Is it on playstore?

GCAM is the stock google camera app that comes with the Pixel phones. The one thing that it does really well is to continually take pictures in the background and then stitch them all together when you hit the shutter button. I've been using the GCAM app and it is frickin awesome. I also own a first gen Pixel XL, and pictures with the GCAM app on a Moto 7 power is comparable. The only thing the Pixel XL does better is faster HDR processing.

The GCAM app is far and away much better than the stock camera app.
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Jan 2, 2011
Apex NC
2 questions:
Moto Z Force...
1. Need to set as default for flip action and can't find it. Searched settings and Moto settings. No such control or flag seems to exist to change default app.
2. Everything seems to work except slow motion, even after setting frame rate to 120 and choosing either 4k or 1080p. App force closes on selection of slow mo.
Any suggestions?


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Apr 29, 2019
4K Video

All seems to work except 4K video selection? Does not come up with a selection for 4K....


Oct 15, 2006
I can clear defaults from my regular camera app, and reset them to gcam (so the double twist or double tap of power button opens gcam). However when gcam is the default, the camera app switches from portrait to lens blur. Is there any real functional difference?
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May 22, 2017
Does SmartBurst work with this? I have a toddler so it helps me to get good pictures of her. It worked a few times but it's like it doesn't work every time.


Apr 25, 2017
Has anyone managed to get this or another gcam working on the moto g7 from the lock screen or twist while locked. This gives the "to function properly camera needs your permission" error. Otherwise it seems to work perfectly if the phone is unlocked.


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May 18, 2019
What is GCAM? Is it on playstore?

GCam is popular shortname for Android software
Google Camera, by Google LLC.
Yes, it's in the Google Play Store. However, it's currently only eligible for Google devices, like the Pixel smartphone family. The Store detects device models, or checks lists of devices under your current Google login account, & evaluates if an app is allowed/eligible, & only allows install if so.

(I'm researching it now to evaluate options & if can install on my devices/phones (I want those benefits!). I just recently found out developers have developed app mods/ports, & provided procedures & downloads, so I'm new to GCam for non-Google devices/phones.).

GCam is considered some of the best camera & photo processing software for Android. Most of the high(est?) quality of Google Pixel phone cameras, is because of the software more than the hardware. So the software can potentially benefit any phone camera, where the software can be installed & used (with full or partial functionality of the software, depending on device model & Android version). That is why people want it (perhaps request by feedback to Google to release for more/all Android devices?).

That is why people are listing Android app mods(modifications)/ports/adaptations here, that are made usable (full or partial functionality) on other devices.
These are from 3rd parties other than Google, so not approved & supported by Google. Trustworthiness of these apps can be questionable; this site tends to have more reliable & knowledgeable developers.

To install 3rd party app (app) on Android, at least have to enable in Android Settings to allow install (from sources other than Google Play Store).

Installing the modded/ported apps (app) can be easy/simple to difficult/complicated/technical, depending on the device model & Android version, & how much meets the app (apk) requirements & any extra updates/changes needed.
Some cases can install app directly; other cases may require other installs, even rooting or unlocking the bootloader on the phone or using remote ADB access from a computer (like desktop or laptop).
Appropriate online articles will usually include requirements or procedures.
GCam usually requires a minimum Android version (recent Google version claims needs Android Pie), because requires at least Google Camera 2 API software library/service for Android (which seems included with Android HAL3). Which may be installable on Android version that doesn't have it; some developers have procedures or download apps to install.

To research availability for a device/phone model, search about an app (GCam, or Google Camera), include the device model, & Android; optional terms, install or apk.

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    Hello Guys.
    Today i got a Moto G7 US retail and i decide to look in my archives for a working GCAM version that work in the moto G7 ,this version work perfect except for the slow motion.
    ?Note: I'm no the creator of this mod,so please all the credits to the original creator.

    Download here.
    Moto G7 compatible builds

    Hi all, thanks for the good thread here.

    I've tested over 20 different builds on the Moto G7, looking specifically for:
    - General stability, no crashes during startup or across camera functions
    - Doesn't drop pictures during longer background HDR+ processing (an issue with some APKs)
    - Slow motion video works (an issue with several APKs, where FPS not configurable)
    - Can be activated/used from lock screen
    - App icon long-press shortcuts work as intended
    - [bonus] Speed of HDR+ background processing is reasonable
    - [bonus] Supports "motion" with photos
    - [bonus] Supports night mode hint

    I've found the following builds to work well and meet expectations for stability, etc.

    BSG, 6.2.030, 2019-06-22
    - Stable, no "motion" for photos, need to remove AF data
    - BSG's other "suggested" razor version has a few more options but is a bit more flaky on Moto G7

    Parrot043/Bulkin043, 6.2.030, 2019-06-18
    - Stable, very clean and feature rich
    - Small issue where HDR+ button doesn't take effect until after restart, just disable

    san1ty, 6.2.030, 2019-08-16
    - Stable, no "motion" for photos
    - More working features than BSG build: lens, HDR+ control

    san1ty, 6.2.030, 2019-08-03
    - Mostly stable, but slow motion is broken
    - Notable because HDR+ background processing is really fast in this build, not sure why but almost reason enough to pick this build

    ---------- Post added at 12:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:54 AM ----------

    In the end, I decided to use this build:
    Parrot043/Bulkin043, 6.2.030, 2019-06-18

    My configuration with this build, for others' reference:
    - Back photo res = 12.6MP, front = 8.0MP
    - Back video res = 1080p, front = 1080p
    - Enable advanced settings
    - Lens blur resolution = auto
    - HDR+ control = disabled (bug workaround)
    - Compress JPG = auto
    - Night mode hint = enable
    - Apps & notifications, camera, disable background processing notifications
    - Apps & notifications, disable stock camera app
    Night sight works surprisingly well, thanks!
    Is there a way to set this as the default camera app ( launching it from the lock screen) ?
    This file is gone. Anyone know where I can get it? Looking for Gcam that will work with my G7 Power.
    Best working Gcams for G7 Power is
    LMC 8.4 R11
    Shamim Gcam V25
    Parrot043 Gcams

    And here is discussion thread for G7 Power Gcam.