GCAM Working with Snapdragon S10/Note10/S20/Note20 Telephoto

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Jul 27, 2015
Which gcam should I use for my Samsung galaxy s20+ 5G Snapdragon variant? I want one where the front camera works


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Mar 27, 2009
Even better: Hasli's LMC8.4_R15. There's no config file needed.
  • Install, then instructions found on Reddit:
  • To get telephoto and ultra wide cameras:
    1. Settings > Additional cameras > Toggle "Tele camera" and "Wide camera" toggles
    2. Settings > Additional cameras > List ID manually, there:
    3. enable BOTH toggles ("Use listed IDs" and "Use given values")
    4. in "List ID manually", write: 0,1,2,52
    5. in individual IDs, set: Main Camera 0 Tele Camera 3 Wide Camera 2 ID4 Camera 4 ID5 Camera 5 Front Main lens 1
  • To get the Pro button: Settings > Processing functions > Viewfinder settings > PRO Mode (toggle to enable)
  • Optical stabilisation: settings/LMC take/optical stabilisation
On my S20 Ultra Exynos, the front camera is still not working, but all back cameras are working - even video in 4k on the telephoto.

On Android 13, Hasli's LMC8.4_R15 does 4K video on the tele, yes.
I cannot get this to work on my S20 Ultra. No matter what I try, when I select the telephoto lens, the app crashes immediately. Any clue what's going on here? Btw. I'm in Android 11.

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