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Oct 9, 2012
Any apk and xml for S22/S22+ Exynos with properly working 3 back lenses and photoshpere?

The one I use installed in May a 8.1.101 version of whatever source with some settings made so main and ultrawide takes perfect photos during that day. _Night can be problematic, photosphere doesn't work nor 3x cam sincs its not an S22 optimized version.


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    Ya US Snapdragon Unlocked Ultra. Ive been trying out a handful of different Gcams but none seem to work.
    Will post future updates here:
    Why would you use GCam when Samsung has done a terrific job on their camera? You also lose a lot of features of the Ultra with GCam.
    I mean, you don't LOSE anything. You use GCam as a secondary camera app. Not as a replacement for the stock app.

    Options are good
    Is there a working Gcam for the Ultra? Is it even needed for the Ultra with its Samsung capabilities?
    Why would you use GCam when Samsung has done a terrific job on their camera? You also lose a lot of features of the Ultra with GCam.
    So far I'm actually not too impressed with the stock Samsung camera on the Ultra and I'm coming from the S10+. The pictures are pretty splotchy and not too sharp especially when zooming in. Something that seems to have been consistent on all Samsung phones which is why I normally see better results using the Gcam. Also this camera seems to lag when taking a photo after hitting the button theres an annoying delay where I cant really clearly capture anything moving even slightly. I'm hoping they release some software updates for this. I'm using the US Snapdragon Unlocked Ultra 256gb variant on VZW.
    That worked, thanks! Just out of curiosity is it possible for Gcams to get the Action Pan mode that the Pixels have or is that only a Pixel thing?
    Anything is theoretically possible but I would put those special modes as highly unlikely (since even older Pixels don't support them). With that said though, Arnova's build actually has a lot of potential because it supports the new logical IDs that I mentioned rather than relying on the hardware ID workaround in my XML for Shamin.

    There are still plenty of bugs and things not working, but the best thing so far is seamless lens switching (just like stock camera where if you pinch to zoom, it will automatically switch lenses without you needing to press a button and wait a second for the camera to reset). This also allows it to support lens switching via 4K60 (something stock camera doesn't even support).

    To try it out:
    1. download and install this latest Arnova Public 8.4 Build
    2. go to Camera Settings > Advanced > Experimental Api2 Config
    3. Enable the option there and input without quotes the following: "0,1,2,3,5,6,7"
    4. Go back to main camera settings and click on developer settings
    5. find camcorder.max_zoom and change both default and 30fps to 10.0
    6. find camera.cam_ultra_wide_enabled and enable that option
    7. find camera.cam_ultra_wide_front_enabled and enable that option

    Now you can use pinch to zoom and it should switch lens at 0.6x, 1x, 3x, and 10x. I believe the auxiliary lenses can't take pictures right now though. But video 4k60 should work and if you have enough light, the lenses should switch at the 3x and 10x zooms.

    I still don't have the phone yet, but another person who is good with GCam has confirmed the video lens switching works here: