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May 1, 2008
GDE version is in the market:

Whats in it?

Transitions ( cube, stretch, fade, normal )
Customizable toolbar button actions ( call, add, sms, browse, settings )
Customizable Application folders menu
Homescreen settings ( 1-7 homescreens )
Ghost drop ( shows you the drop location when hovering over an item )
Auto scroll ( Hold the left or right side of the screen while scrolling and it will continue to scroll through the screens )
Fast forward / Fast backwards ( swipe hard left or right to go to the first or last screen )
Endless loop for transitions ( In cube, stretch and fade transition. You can go from the last screen to the first and vice versa )
Normal icon view in tray, as well as list view with alphabetical grab handle (much like contacts scroll)


Features on the to-do list:

Advanced Search ( search the web, media on the phone etc etc )
More toolbar actions ( might even get an advanced setting where you can setup your own intent )
Advanced settings for the left toolbar button while dragging ( drag an item and drop it on the left button will show a context menu with options like uninstall etc )
Landscape mode.

And much more things....


How to:

How to drop an item in/on the menu

Create a folder in the "Applications"-menu. Now drag an application item over the up-arrow on the toolbar.
The menu will show up and you will see your folder. You can now drop the item in the folder.

You can also drag an entire folder this way and drop the complete folder in the menu.

You can also drag the folder or the application back to desktop.

How to get back when in a menu

You can either press the back button if you are in a submenu or use the upper left back icon

How to switch from grid to listview and vice versa in application menus

You can press the upper right icon ( still only shows a listview icon, but it will change )

I have problems opening... How do I open GDE?

Normally Android should bring up a dialog to choose which Homescreen you want to use.

If this is not the case you can make it ask you manually again. I will write down the steps you will need to make:

Go to Android settings
Go to Applications
Click on Manage Applications

You will now get a list with all your installed applications.

Because Android is set to use a default homescreen ( most likely the google one ) you will have to clear the default settings. ( Like I said earlier normally Android brings up a dialog, but if you ever want to remove the defaults for an application like a homescreen, dialer etc you can do it here )

Scroll to the set homescreen. In case you are using the stock homescreen this will be "Home"

You will now see all the application settings.

Scroll to "Launch by default" en click the button "Clear defaults" ( this will not erase any settings, but just forces Android to show the dialog to choose between homescreens )

Now press the home button and you will see the dialog. You can either just click GDE to use it but every time you press the home button it will ask you again to choose between homescreens. You can also set the checkbox to make it always use a specific homescreen. In case you want to change you can use the same steps mentioned above.

It could be that the actual screens slightly differ from this on android 2.0.


Questions / bugs / feature requests:

Dont be afraid to contact me... or leave a post in this thread


Change log


Added "Contacts" to the toolbar actions
Added drag colors. Red for trash, green for drop on folders/menu(items) and orange for hold ( toolbar up arrow ) for action
Fixed an issue where the "All applications"-menu wasn't loaded when there was an application without a name.


Fixed some minor issues
Both the fade and stretch transition now support endless scrolling
Button settings now include a setting to select the open action for the hard menu-button
Switching between Gridview / Listview is now saved, so the next time GDE will start it will use the same view type.


Fixed some bugs
widgets were invisible when they werent able to load.
drop on toolbar/menu handle was allowed and it would result in hidden apps.
Made some changes to the current desktop screen calculations which were of because of the endless scrolling

Added settings ( in desktop menu ) to enable/disable fast fling action on desktop.


Added Google Search widget and enabled Google Search from the menu
Fixed some issues ( call action now takes you to the dialer instead of the call log )


Fixed widget adding issue.


Added custom GDE widgets framework implementation
Added Application Dock widget


Added Theming option
Ability to use Shortcut installers like bettercut
Added Landscape ( for now not sensor based )
Fixed issues

Fixed saving of Transition setting

Added wallpapers to the themes
Added extra drawables to the themes ( including menu colors )
Changed the cube transition drawing
Lowered memory footprint
Changed rotation handling
Added support for Android 2.0

Fixed slow closing of folders on homescreen

Fixed wrong rendering of desktop background when using the normal transition and opening up the menu
Speeded up the rendering of the normal transition.
Some minor bug fixes.

Fixed some issues
Changed drawing routines for less memory usage
Overall changes for less memory and more performance
Optimized cube rendering speed / shaded cube sides

Conversations widget added

Added GDE start application for people that are having problems ( or don't know how to start a home application or set it as default ).

Removed GDE icon from the "installed applications" list.
Application dock now orders alphabetically until i find a better solution.

Fixed the updating of the conversation widget.
Fixed some small issues.

Scrolling list speed
Default transition speed

Fixed landscape view for application dock
Changes to uses less memory on higher resolution devices.

Fixed application dock stuttering

Added automatic logcollector which allows to e-mail the crash report so we can more easily track any problems.

Started adding basic animations ( more will come )
Minor bug fixing from log reports received.

A lot of optimalisations.
New transition (Normal cubed).
Selectable menu animations. Full rotation for all transitions.
All transitions available on live wallpapers.

New Theme framework ( Themers please send me a pm so I can send you all the new files and give some short instructions on the changes ).

New toolbar for version-2 themes with the ability to dock items
Iconpack support
Ability to edit / sort / uninstall items by longpressing and holding 2 seconds
Screen previews by pressing home on the default screen or by long pressing the add-button on a new toolbar ( version-2 themed )
Ability to change the transition speed ( both the normal and fast fling speed )
Ability to disable screen looping
Appearance directly accessible from the desktop instead of only wallpapers
Fixes and changes



First install all the needed tools. A how-to can be found attached.
Download and extract ( this file contains a basic theme template )
Read the how-to change the theme template.
Distribute your theme on the market or whatever you like! :)

NOTE!!!! The files attached below are for version-1 themes for version-2 themes please contact me, so that i can send the needed files and give some personal information about the changes.

To-do list:

Some old videos:

Special thanks to:
Overground for his extensive testing/troubleshooting


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Jul 5, 2009
Very nice... I like the look of the buttons on the launcher too, whats the one on the right hand side for? Obviously the left one looks like it's to launch the dialer... Very nice work man, looking forward to it :)


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May 1, 2008
You are both right... and wrong.

They are meant to be customizable :) Kinda like WinMo... you can set an action for the left and the right button.

Too bad the cube transition isnt as fluent on this movie....


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Dec 10, 2008
When this is released I'm assuming it will be a standalone home replacement, but will you have anyplans to release a replacement for the standard launcher? I hate using home replacements because it invariably seems that I end up with 2 launchers in memory, which is why I prefer the replacement version of the Advanced laucher currently. But man was that eye candy sweet.


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May 1, 2008
Its a complete new launcher, using a different datamodel etc ( only some really basic code is used from the original launcher ), so it cant replace the original launcher.

It will be a paid release on the market ( maybe ill make a lite release for free, but i dont know in what form yet ) so that it will be easier to update and I can make sure I can keep supporting it ( It has taken me hundreds of hours already to get to this stage and I want to make sure it keeps getting better ).

Ive also spend a lot of time to make sure it uses as little memory as possible using various caching models.


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May 1, 2008
It kinda depends on the free time I have... Im now at 70%~75% of what I want done now, but ideas keep evolving and I dont want to release too soon.

Most stuff ive done now is setup a good framework, which makes it very extendible and customizable.

Last thing ive done is create a transition framework so you can choose what sliding transition you want. The cube transition is one of the included transitions, but also the normal one and ive created stretch/squeeze kind transition.

Besides that the app drawer will completely change... better yet... The app drawer will just be one part of the actual drawer/menu.
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Jul 14, 2009
do you think you can make the launcher like the t-mobile pulse where when you press the menu button you can zoom out and look at all your screens and then select one?


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Feb 7, 2009
Love your work as always. Great job on this. The video does make my inner graphic designer giddy. How are the theme-ing prospect on your app? Is there framework for customizable images? Or is that even on the horizon? I'd love to use it but of course as with my themes, I'd be itching to customize it to match.

Can't wait to try it out. If you need extra beta testers or graphics help, I'm always glad to help out.


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Jul 7, 2007
id be another guinea pig for this if it comes in an apk or something not extremely technical to install.

on the cube, would it be possible to roll it vertically? 4 screens is cool, i can live with that...but my dxtop ghost black theme has up/dwn/L+R, without that it feels too i-phoney for my taste


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May 1, 2008
Thanks for all the nice comments...

At the moment I already have one beta-tester and for now ( as its still in early development user-wise ) thats enough, because there isnt much too really test yet.


Im still working out the theming aspect. I want it to be as customizable as can be, but also want it to be super easy to theme. Im thinking about an xml-based skin.. I have never looked into the other launchers theming, but if you have any suggestions / ideas just shoot me a pm.

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    I am finally getting to use GDE on my Moto Droid and I am loving it!

    One of my biggest pet peaves about my phone was not having any hard buttons for the phone and that was one of the reasons i wanted GDE to work so bad with 2.0.

    The added screen realestate is awesome as well.

    Gotta problem. Eversince the update, i added the widget (4x3) which i love, but when i go into an app (anyone of them) and come back out, the widget is blank and all of my contacts in the messaging app arent there (just puts their phone numbers instead of name)
    Ideas for future development:

    1. The ability to completely hide the left/right soft menu buttons.

    2. The ability to use ANY shorcut on the left/right soft menu buttons.
    is it possible to have a function to backup all the setting including shortcuts for GDE? thanks