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May 24, 2023
I also recently bought an android HU through hizpo, S8 8gb/128gb specifically for ford f150 and am having more or less the same problem with this as someone else on this forum
Hello. I just purchased a ROCO K706 unit that has an S9 sticker on the outside. It is in a Ford F150 fitted bezel specific to this vehicle. It came with the harness and a CANBUS decoder. When I hook it to the existing dash harness I have several issues: It comes on and stays on with and without the key, thus draining my battery over night. 2. I have no sound at all. When I go to the CANBUS setup on the device it shows as a LZ F150 with NO CANBUS version visible. 3. The installation sheet has a note that says the the 8 Pin cable from the CANBUS adapter goes into port F on the device. That 8 pin cable does not exist out from the cable adapter.
Does anyone know if the device turns off and on via the CANBUS? I think that it might also be the reason for no sound as the external amp may also turn On/Off via CANBUS. The system in the truck is a Sony Premium sound package. Can anyone point me in the direction to solve the mystery as the eBay seller just keeps telling yes it is for a 2011 Ford F150. Thanks in advance.
Only I could turn off the HU when shutting down. Everything seemed to work but no sound and no canbus functions.
I have found that there are several obd2 error codes and this is presumably the reason why the OEM SONY AMPLIFIER will not turn on.
I also think that this is the reason that the battery is drained because the car no longer goes into sleep mode but continues to search for the missing modules.


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Nov 23, 2013
Thanks, I will install this to see if the problem I have with sound after update is still present. Very loud and distorted.


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Mar 16, 2023
I am very sorry, but i have never seen those cables on any of the k706 harnesses, can you show exactly the kit you ordered, or link to listing at the very least?


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Mar 16, 2023
Hi Everyone,

Now that I got the steering wheel controls setup (Camry 2012 LE) my last thing to install is the backup camera. There is a wire provided with two blue wires and a RCA video. I assume I connect to that? The reason I ask is because there is a CVBS-IN and some videos say to use that. Also I am not sure which wire I need to activate the camera. There is a purple wire but it doesn't have any English writing on it.

I assume I still need to tap into the positive and negative wires for the reverse light in the trunk of the car? Also any good recommendations on Amazon?


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Two small blue wires are the manufacturers extremely cheap solution to 2.4ghz antennas for bluetooth and wifi.

If your car does not have a camera as standard, then yes you need to tap into the wiring harness for the reverse light, and figure out a way to snatch +12v and good ground. Its usually easy enough to piggyback the rest of the harness.


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Mar 16, 2023
Hello, I wanted to ask if there is any possibility to update firmware without losing data and applications???
This is not possible, the device is a highly customized android tablet with absolutely non-standard hardware attatched, so they wipe everything to make sure all configuration files stay compatible with all the fixes and workarounds they use.

Edit: that is system settings and system data, user data can sometimes be saved.


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Feb 5, 2023
Hello, I wanted to ask if there is any possibility to update firmware without losing data and applications???
Yes, just when you turn on the download, when you have this picture, uncheck the second checkbox - clear user data. All settings and applications will be saved.


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Jun 28, 2021
Ahoj všichni,

Nyní, když jsem dostal nastavení ovládacích prvků volantu ( Camry 2012 LE ), moje poslední věc, kterou lze nainstalovat, je záložní kamera. K dispozici je drát se dvěma modrými dráty a video RCA. Předpokládám, že se k tomu připojím? Důvod, proč se ptám, je ten, že existuje CVBS-IN a některá videa říkají, že to používají. Také si nejsem jistý, který drát potřebuji k aktivaci fotoaparátu. Existuje fialový drát, ale nemá na něm žádné anglické psaní.

Předpokládám, že stále musím proniknout do pozitivních a negativních drátů pro zadní světlo v kufru auta? Také dobrá doporučení pro Amazon?


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change the wire to this pin, there is +12V for the rear camera


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    I am writing an answer to my question dedicated to specialists of this topic who do not know how the device works, but only write their guesses, and they confidently think that everyone is stupid!
    Changing the MCU version QF01 to the QF03 version is possible and very easy! Changing the version did not negatively affect my system in any way! The screen did not turn on from time to time and the seller himself told me to change the MCU, sent this version and told me how.
    To change the version of QF01 to QF03, you need to enter the code 774411 in the factory settings and then download a new MCU. The board version has nothing to do with the MCU ! As I understand it, there will be no more MCU 01 version
    Is there any advantage of using Android Auto or CarPlay on the Android HU if all apps you need are installed on HU and the HU has its own sim car with cell service?
    In my opinion there's absolutely NO advantage to use AA/CarPlay if you have 4G SIM with good signal coverage. You only get hotter HU being moooore busy running AA/CarPlay wich will also runs slower and also draining your phone battery for no reason.

    Later Edit: Also I see no advantage to use AA/CarPlay at all on Android HU, even with phone Hotspot is better if you don't have an 4G SIM or good coverage/speed!
    Some features are better on Teyes than Sx.
    The CPUs are not the same, either.

    UI: they are all similar, true, but the graphics of a UI are subjective, I don't like the UIs of both Sx and Teyes, for example.

    A real IMPORTANT point for me is the display, in particular its sharpness, brightness and anti-glare, lasts the day, with direct sun.

    Well, with my S8 8GB\128GB as I have written here several times it is VERY BAD, very low brightness, during the day at 100% almost not readable what is running underneath. Anti-glare film does not exist...

    IF Teyes CC3 2K instead has a better screen, which you can see perfectly during the day, for me it would already be a great thing, even if it costs more than Sx units, but the problem...is all this true or does Teyes just want to advertise\marketing ?

    Anyone who sells advertises their product for sale even more than reality, to sell it...

    ONLY someone who has purchased and uses the latest Teyes CC3 2K units could truly say that!
    Now i'm waiting for cc3 2k, so when it comes, i'll say some more, compare to s8 unit which i use since february
    I have a QF03 never had a single issue with it. Have updated to latest firmware and have done 1 mcu update (1 more available not sure if I will install)
    Of course, MANY problems also arise from poor writing of the latest firmware and MCUs released by developers.

    My advice:
    If you have the unit that works well, don't chase constantly new firmware and MCUs, leave the working one as it is.
    I have this headunit in the variant S5:

    It is working fine, but after turning it on the first time the screen went black after five to ten minutes. After turning it off for seconds and turning it back on the screen works fine for a few seconds but then it turns black again.

    The radiator on the back is connected to power so heat shouldn't a problem. When the screen is turned black audio is still working fine and all the my steering wheel controls are working.
    Also the touchscreen is working as well as the buttons on the left side of the display.

    After using it for a few rides (3*20ish km) the sreen turned white 5 minutes after it turned black. Then again it turned black but had some weird grey stripes. These stripes were also visible even after a car stop, whilst i was seeing the home screen.

    Is this a already known issue or did a catch a faulty device?

    The seller was sending me this link after i contacted him about the problem:
    The system firmware link: https://jitu2fixgreenscreen.oss-eu-central-1.aliyuncs.com/update.zip

    A video showing my problem:
    Don't listen to this nonsense about the MCU! I have exactly the same version, upgraded from 01, the seller himself told me and told me how to do it! Everything works well and there are absolutely no problems related to the MCU! I will tell you more that as I understand it, absolutely all new devices work on version 03, and version 01 is no longer supported! The seller himself explained to me that version 03 is an updated version 01. I will tell you that 100% you need to look for a solution to the problem only with the seller! For example, in my case, the seller directly solves problems with the manufacturer and gives me answers the next day. In the same group, since the appearance of version 03, they say that it cannot be installed on 01, they say the board is not the same... In fact, it is very easy to install and the board is the same!
    I write rudely on this issue, because people who write false information based on their guesses are annoying, and when you criticize them, they turn your message into spam!
    Look for the answer from the seller!
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    Hello all,

    it seems that there are some QF001 owners out there but not much informations. So i will try to collect everything and put it at one place.

    The original manufactor is shenzhen jitu technology co. ltd.

    These units are sold from Ossuret, Hizpo and other brands. This are the sellers specs:

    The Android 12 is fake which is Android 10 in reality.

    I have the 8/128GB Version myself:

    Codes for the factory settings menu:

    Different firmware versions are inside this thread. Take care of the right MCU file and beware that clear user data is enabled by default on update. There is also a dedicated firmware thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...s-with-uis-7862a-7862s-not-fyt-based.4541261/

    Dedicated thread for gaining recovery access: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...uret-s4-s8-uis-7862-headunits-no-fyt.4538107/

    Beside the faked Android 12 Version the head unit seems to be a good bang for the buck. I´ve paid around 230 Euros including VAT and shipping. The unit runs stable and powerful so far. Everything works as expected. The Android is a bit downcutted by the manufactor. There are no text notifications in the statusbar e.g. But i can compensate that with widgets.

    Against the description android auto works wireless with my Xiaomi Mi10t pro. So that's also nice to have.

    Tweaks, mods and others:
    - my wire harness was labeled wrong. Key 2 and Key GND were swapped. So better check the cables before connecting. For me the correct wire names/functions were in the printed manual.

    - replacement fan that fits my model: Sunon MF35101V21000UA99

    - there's a sleep whitelist in the factory settings menu that prevents apps from being killed in standby mode (ignition off). That's very useful. I've whitelisted Google maps e.g. and don't lose my programmed route anymore if i turn off the engine for a short stop.

    - tasker trigger for warm boot: detect any USB device connected. (You have to plug in something into the usb port, dashcam or pendrive e.g.)

    - the status bar only shows a few symbols and no text notifications. Therefore I use a notification widget in combination with nova launcher. This way I can see all notifications in a widget which would be at the status bar originally.

    - wireless ADB is enabled by default with root user. 🎉 The port is 9876. ( I've found that inside the build.prop)

    - if you want to have a look inside the firmware you can use a rom kitchen tool like CBR

    - how to change the boot logo:
    1. If your player is 1280*720 screen, you need to rotate the picture 90 degree, and cut it into 720*1280 size, transform the picture to .BMP format.
    2. If your player is 1024*600 screen, you need to cut the picture to 1024*600 size, transform the picture to .BMP format.
    3. copy the picture into your Udisk root path, and then connect Udisk to the player. follow the steps settings-factory-8888-Logo set-then you can see your picture and select it- click update logo.
    - how to change boot animation: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...uis-7862s-not-fyt-based.4525675/post-88086835

    - enhance the microphone and call quality by using the external microphone and disable the internal microphone by masking two pins of a ribbon cable. It's explained inside this thread (link to post will follow)

    - GPS tweak: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...uis-7862s-not-fyt-based.4525675/post-88112693

    Known issues:
    - "hey Google" (activate the assistant by hotword) doesn't work
    - no car speed dependent volume control (manufacturer says it would be implemented later)
    - the firmware is a debug release which is a serious security risk (every app or malware can get root access through ADB shell). On the upside you can also get root access through ADB and do everything you want

    To be continued...

    Hi all, if anybody would like to test a very early alpha version of NavRadio(basic), they can find it here:
    Download NavRadio BASIC for QF01

    it's incomplete, full of bugs, it surely crash here and there but still usable.
    I have enabled Google Crashlytics to help me debug all the crash and ANR so more people use it and more i'll fix it.

    The full version will come when the free version will run smootly.


    - Autoscan is done by MCU and it's fixed to 18 stations. Anyway you can use Autoseek function to find more stations or add new ones to the existing ones.
    - The first frequency at startup need to be fixed.
    - Sometimes you can hear the sound muting for a second, it's because the ROCO service think that navradio is a player and not a radio. I'll look for a fix later on..
    And now a few more!

    1122 / 2211 - both popup a bubble with chinese text. I thought they were the same at first but they have different characters. (They both have the word “log” in it)

    6655 - opens up a screen that appears to be the same as 555666 but these are also in Chinese so I don’t know if there are differences. Notably when you enter this menu with either code it will record a snippet of audio from the mic and play it back.

    4455 - engineer mode (lots of stuff in here to explore, includes adb shell)

    5544 - gps stuff

    1212 - notification that says “slog copied to unkown”

    2121 - seems to just take you home

    45645600 - download mcu file
    How did you discover the codes?
    Just by trying a bunch of different codes and looking for patterns. Starting by looking at the codes we already knew I discovered they are all a repeating sequence of digits that are adjacent to each other on the keypad. Once you find a pattern there’s usually another code that uses the same pattern somewhere else on the keypad. If you actually type in the codes and look at the physical pattern they make you’ll see what I mean. For example 114477 is just the digits in the left column of the keypad going down. 336699 is the same pattern in the right column. And then some codes are just variations on top of that, like doing a code in reverse (which we already knew) as well as adding 00 to the end of some. This is how I discovered all the codes. Once I’d find one code Id try that same pattern in all places and variations. Simple as that! I’m sure there’s more patterns yet to be discovered so try different ideas out and see what you can find. With many people using these strategies I’m sure we can discover more! I may have even missed a few using the patterns of ones I found.
    For whom that's interested and is annoyed that display time is out of sync with atomic network clock time.

    Myself don't use 4G network, but WIFI hotspot from phone.

    Each time when I opened the GPS test app, time changed and was out of sync by 2 to 4 minutes, also when I forgot to put hotspot on my phone on, after that it was taken the GPS time sync by default after startup,
    So first taken my right hotspot network time and changed 30 seconds later to the out of sync GPS time, it was also out of sync with my OEM Opel board computer display.
    With some hassle I could changed that back but needed to be sure that hotspot was always on before starting the car.

    Think I found a solution.

    Note, I don't use sleep mode, always have a fresh cold start, unit starts up with firmware date and time, 09-01-2023, 12:05:54.

    After going in the factory 5544 GPS setting, changed on first tab screen "agps" the server SUPL host to supl.google.com, changed port to 7276 (seems secure port), but you also can leave it on 7275, then tab screen "information", on the bottom page changed the satellites to GPS, Glonass, Galileo, my problem disappeared.

    My unit correctly shows the time now, after a start-up it is in sync within 1 second compared to atomic clock, with or without hotspot, mean also without network connection it syncs with GPS satellites the time correct.
    The AGPS SUPL was using the Chinese host (supl.qxwz.com) and preferred what it looks some Chinese satellites for Glonass and Galileo and somehow the Chinese GPS time is inaccurate.

    Rather Google then the Chinese that follows me ;)