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General rooting questions and problems

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Nov 22, 2021
Moto G 5G
Hi there, dunno who to ask - but i will do for a luck. Few questions about root.
1)Non unlockable phone bootloader locked by at&t - can be unlocked by special tools maybe exploits? Developer menu shows selectable oem unlock - but indeed bootloader locked.
Maybe some rooting tools you can advice for sure for 10 Android? Exactly doing from ADB via CMD - showed vbmeta.img cannot be overwritten. Write error.
Is Linux by AT&T so special protected with some SUPER UFO LINUX COMMANDS WHICH NO ONE KNOWS.
iroot and kingoroot apps for windows doesn't work - they don't debug phone - saying cannot connect with installed drivers.
2) ADB question - should it be run from Command line or from Terminal app in windows? Thats very important.
3) Spending more then 10 hours of free time to see and find adb and debug commands with description. I see ADB is not professionally supported - Android studio like circle of damn minded and is for selling learning courses thats what they do at most. Found commands at some old readme on androidfilehost.
4)Waiting for good hackers/rooters and Unlocking fans to do good rooting tool. Know we are supporting you - if someone saying its illegal (most trans-nationally owned by rich 1 nationality bad fame ancient nation from middle east homosapiens who fill case against rooting) - we future minded people will support innovation in way its possible.
I mean what i mean at&t sucks - i won't pay $50 monthly at&t for damn plans to my phone unlock, not i will pay service centers for bug works.
Best Regards to all think and reading.

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    You can't unlock bootloaders on AT&T variants, so no root. Trust me I have tried.
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    You can't unlock bootloaders on AT&T variants, so no root. Trust me I have tried.