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Generic android set top box guide(i have a great many questions)

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Nov 26, 2015
So, I was at Menards a couple weeks back and saw a generic looking android set top box for around 30$, and so I came here, and find there are a few different kinds of chips that they may use, so... my first question is...

What are the differences between those chips, which is the best, and how can you tell before purchasing, what you are buying, as well as how to buy a good one, as in what to look for, to avoid a bad purchase, and what specs to look for

The next question is, once I buy a generic looking set top box,(the one I saw was labeled abx-12 as a model) how easy is it to find roms for them, and will one rom work on them all

To be fair, I do know about phones, but im out of my depths here, but would like to get into set top boxes, and possibly putting custom roms like resurrection remix (my favorite), on them... i would like this thread to eventually be a guide for every set top newbie, such as myself, and this is the best android modding, and well, anything android, website in my opinion... if these answers can be found elsewhere on this site, condensed into a single thread, please link it, else, if you guys can help me and others like me, I would appreciate it...

I edited it with the right model... i put upx 12, when it was abx 12...
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Feb 25, 2011
i just picked this QFX ABX-12 cheapo ATV box at Menards on Clearance for $20.
Pretty much what i expected, pos china thing.
the rom that is on it is ancient android 7.1 from 2018.
update does not work.
came searching here on XDA to see if maybe someone had easy way to root/re-flash this model box and put a decent ATV rom on it, newer os at least.
but, seems no one cares about these cheap china no name boxes.


Senior Member
Jun 19, 2015
I picked up a Transpeed_6k from a Chinese supplier for under €30 to play around with an as a stopgap for my dead Humax box. It runs Android 9.0, has 4GB/64GB memory. CPU-Z tells me that the SOC is Allwinner H6 @ 1.49 GHz, with 4 ARM A53 cores. Bootloader is unknown and no root.
The operation is fast, but the navigation is painful - you have to constantly toggle the mouse mode on and off and you can't scroll the screen. I contacted the supplier because the lack of scrolling prevents Netflix from working. The solution was to install a previous version of the Netflix app. It's still awkward to use. BBC iplayer works with limited scrolling which means you have to use the search function to find TV shows.
I also thought of maybe using it as a Chromecast receiver (like my Mi TV stick does), so I installed Allcast Receiver, but it wouldn't work.
I've also tried using a phone as an external mouse, but that too doesn't let you scroll.
That's it. I haven't managed to find any way of changing the ROM or OS. I suppose not many people are spending time on these boxes.
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