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GenyToolz One Click Play Store Installation And More For Genymotion Android Emulator

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Jun 15, 2011

Tools to Help with Installation of the Google Playstore, Arm library, and Pre Installed app removal on the Genymotion Android Emulator. Essentially turning the GAPPS + ARM flash into a one button process while removing the bloatware preinstalled on the Genymotion tablet at the same time. Simply run the bat file and it will send the rom to your device through adb and automatically reboot for you.

These roms replace CW File Manager with JRummy Root browser, they also remove the developer settings app because you can always open it manually in settings without using up extra disk space. This is also helpful for those who experience problems dragging and dropping to Genymotion.

A video to demonstrate how to push apps and files, retrieve the contents of your virtual device's download folder to your pc, and instantly flash playstore+arm using the tool's batch file with adb interface.


To see play store install skip to 1:42 for lollipop, 2:22 for kitkat, and 3:01 for jellybean

Remember to manually reset your Lollipop devices after running the installation script, all others will run fine without needing second reboot.

You will have a few download servers to choose from depending on which is fastest for you. Google Drive or Mega. Take note to the link you click on!

GenyToolz Download
(174 MB zipped):

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B66Kx0aapG1vcVZ4UEMtcmRlaUU/view?usp=sharing (GOOGLE DRIVE)

https://mega.co.nz/#!vkRhQTLb!DNkStYFqi0NU0aFvTaA1X4Pnf1S4kiKDo7Lq91tZSsE (MEGA)

REQUIRES THIS VERSION OF ADB as well, all you need to do is install it. (Use the google drive link for fastest download) ADB tool: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979

BLUESTACKS USERS: Make sure bluestacks isnt running in the background or it will cause the program to fail. Check your hidden icon tray!

TO DO LIST: Will be adding 2.3.7 Gingerbread in the future and working on other goodies specifically the network stack / mem buffer to help with certain game's playback.

Find what problem is with youtube playback

Correct the arm bridge for 4.4, 5+

All roms included are custom built to make Genymotion devices run more smoothly and be smaller file size and will be updated as more tests are done. Subscribe to receive current versions as they are released!

Note that you can right click and edit all the batch files to see what is included, it is adb shell code to remove some preinstalled apps, adb pushing of system files containing gapps, jrummy, and arm library. Feel free to add your favorite apps to the System/Apps folder to have them installed with the flash! Or you can add them later with the app pusher in GenyToolz.


The arm translation library is the same version as located in this thread:

The rest of the system files were downloaded from source goo.im and stripped of unnecessary components / apps.

Any questions or suggestions will be considered and are appreciated! Happy Day!
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