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Gesture navigation

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Dec 2, 2014
Good evening all.

I have, on a Xiaomi smartphone, deactivated the navigation bar in the lower part of the screen, and I activated the "Full screen mode", which allows you to navigate via gestures.

For example:
- A swipe from the border of the screen (left or right) to the center of the screen, to GO BACK.

- A swipe from the lower part of the screen to above, to go to the HOME SCREEN.

- A swipe from the lower part of the screen to the center, to open the TASK MANAGER.

- A swipe, with three fingers, from the upper part of the screen to the center, to take a snapshot of the screen.

And now, here comes my question: does Rog Phone 2 (china roms and/or global roms) has those gestures? And if not, is there a way to get them? I find them pretty useful.

Thanks in advice!


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Feb 16, 2009
How can I hide the nav bar so I can just use a different app? Are the adb drivers available for this phone yet?

Edit. I now see that adb is universal. Also I would recommend Vivid N.G. for a minimal style.
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    It has them but usually using another app also provides more custom gestures. Fluid gesture navigation and things like that.