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Jan 6, 2011
My PH-1 was stock OS (Pie, Sep 2018) rooted (Magisk 17.1, Manager 7.5.1, TWRP 3.2.3). Over a year ago I accidentally clicked on the "System Update" popup which of course took away my root.

At the time I just decided I would take the final OTA updates to the last released security patch and Android 10. Been there for all this time, but I want root back now.

Is it as simple as just adb sideloading Magisk again? (Can I just use the old file I still l have on the phone itself?)
I don't want to lose any data btw..

Also, TWRP doesn't load up when I try to boot into "Recovery Mode" using the power buttons from being powered off. I just get "No command " printed on the screen under the "Android robot on his side" image. I have to hit the Pow + VolUp keys to get the regular Android Recovery menu.

I assume it's still sitting on the inactive slot? Or could it have been totally erased by the subsequent updates I took going from Pie to 10.

Do I need to downgrade FIRST to the Jan 2020 patch level (I'm on the last release, Feb 2020) in order to be successful? And/or have working TWRP?

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