Get Team Win a Phone for Dev!!!

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Sep 22, 2010
Dayton, TX
rootzwiki is having a poll to get a device for team win, but we need to vote for our device!!


Welcome to the official poll, this poll will dictate which device RootzWiki gives to Teamwin!

Right now Teamwin supports the following devices:

[HTC Evo 3D (CDMA)] [HTC Evo 4G (CDMA)] [HTC Sensation] [Google Nexus S] [Nexus S 4G] [HTC Thunderbolt] [Evo Shift 4G]

The devices above are already being worked on and prepared. The poll is open to registered members only. If you have any questions or would like to submit suggestions, feel free to comment!

If you would like to get your device in the supported list for this new project, please feel free to contact [email protected] to help this team get more phones compatible.


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Sep 22, 2010
Dayton, TX
We are winning! LoL I feel like Charlie Scheen or however its spelled. No time to slack though, you better bet the other devicesill get a thread like this in their respective forum.

Rock the Vote!!!

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May 27, 2009
Snap was a great kernel but don't for a second think those absurd Quadrant scores you got when you enabled Snap Turbo were actually connected with reality.

They were read write tricks lol. But still a awesome kernel never the less. I think the Head Snap developer switched to a I phone. I saw him tweet it like 6-8 months ago.

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    I would vote but I don't want to sign up to a new website forum. You have my vote in spirit.


    On a more serious note you ought to check that forum out. It is TROLL FREE! Meaning all the comments that these kids make here such as "go get a iphone, your just a noob", "didnt your momma teach you better", and various other crap just dont happen there. If they do happen to sneak one in the Mods quickly delete and ban the perp, lol. Its not cluttered with the same thread posted 10 times like "iphone or epic touch", "where is CM7", to name a few. But the choice is up to you my friend.

    either way thanks for the "bump" ;)

    edit....dont get me wrong, i love XDA! but as XDA grew over the past year the number of MODs needed to grow it, as well as the policies. the trolling was sort of entertaining in the beginning, though quickly became a nuisance. now a newer member is almost scared to post, seeing people getting bashed left and right keeps most of them from asking that question or sharing their ideas. the sad thing is these are the new future devs that are getting ran off. not to undermine the current devs who have left XDA for these same reasons! :(
    Voted :D this could be huge!!!
    I'm surprised ET4G hasn't already won.
    It could be huge but by the looks many of those crying fix LOS , want CM & ICM don't seem to be stepping up with votes.

    For those that don't know about Teamwin.
    OP, I ripped your post and posted at AndroidCentral. Hope you don't mind!
    When did they say it ended today? I hope you're right. Teamwin would be a great addition to the community. Please keep voting

    There's a article on the main page.

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