Get VOLTE working on OP7T

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Aug 22, 2015
Problem with VoWiFi

Hello, guys...

I would like to ask a question.

I was in OOS 10.0.7-Global and everything was working perfect.
After an update to OOS 10.0.9-Global ROM, I have some problems with VoWifi...

At first, after dialing *#801#, (open with EngineerMode), when I press the toggle "Serial", the app crashes.
The "Full-port switch" is active, and remains active.
Dialing *#800# / oneplus Logkit / Function Switch / VoLTE and VoWiFi switches are ON.

After I reboot I can see VoWiFi icon only for a small period of time and then only VoLTE is shown.
Also when I put the phone in Airplane Mode, VoWiFi working great (??!!), but after I close the airplane mode, VoWiFi disappears again...

Could be the lack of "Serial" toggle or maybe is the sub 0, sub 1 choice (I have chosen UK Vodaphone)??

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance...
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