Getting 5G/VoLTE working on SM-N9860 (HK Note 20 Ultra 5G)

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    Just got tag in this post and take a look around.
    Congratulate for getting 5G on this stupid Samsung phones.
    And as I know it should work on G98x0 N98x0 and S21 G99x0 by using this method
    As these models share same logic on modem settings.

    As I know when a software upgeade, the settings may roll back
    and you may need to perform these steps again if 5G won't work.
    I installed OneUI 3.0 today on my TGY phone.

    CA/4G+/LTE+ still works without service menu adjustments, but the 4G+ sensitivity is not as strong as it was with the adjustments I had made before. Even so, I saw download speeds up to 200+Mbps today on 4G and 4G+.


    VoLTE works out of the box.

    Wi-Fi calling works out of the box.

    I still do not see any hint of 5G on the EE network in the UK. Coverage maps suggest that there should be 5G where I travelled today, but absolutely nothing showed on the phone or nPerf.

    Service menu access through the phone dialer no longer works so it is not possible to make previous adjustments.
    Finally we have 5G !!!
    Great news
    Whitelist exists and needs to be removed.

    Thanks to xUtsumi and Kent800129 !!!

    I did that, but in the settings I still see TGY, it didn't change to BRI.

    Yes my settings still show TGY (as it was originally) as well but flashing BRI fixed the 5G connectivity issue
    Thanks @bocsta, @xUtsumi and @kent800129

    I successfully received a 5G signal on o2 after months!!

    I just saw main menu and [5] RF TEST.

    I tapped on [5] RF TEST - ANT TEST SETTING and then pressed back (three dots) to get the menu (UE SETTING & INFO) to show up.

    Then as @xUtsumi suggested, I proceeded to do this. UE Settings>Protocol>GCF>Remove NR Whitelisting.

    A reboot later and I have 5G. :)