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Getting rid of the N/A message on startup

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Senior Member
Jul 20, 2007
South East UK
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Hi forum, on other Motorola phones, I was able to flash a logo.bin file that for rid of the bootloader unlocked message, so my question is, there are logo.bin available for the g5/g5plus so I been told, would it work on g6 play? As I am trading my phone in

Thank you!

Deleted member 7646815

He is trading the phone in. Probably to the carrier. One more reason to relock the bootloader just to be safe.

Oh, I guess I missed that part.

But anyways, the boot logos for the G5's probably won't do you any good. I'd say it's better to make sure you're completely stock and then relock your bootloader.

There are boot images for G6 (Plus) for this, though. You could look in that thread in "Themes, Apps, and Mods" and see if anyone's had success with a G6 Play.