getting root back on android 11 /reteu

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Jan 19, 2009
so a few days i posted in my own thread in the guides about rooting the android 11 , but i think it needs it's own question topic.

The problem is: since i have android 11 i cannot get root back onto the phone. The magisk patched boot image won't boot.
what i wrote on there:

So i finally got it ( android 11) as well,

However, when trying to boot the patched boot image, i get stuck on a Motorola logo.
it is booting, i get the screen flicker, yet it's stuck on the moto logo after that.

If i flash back the non-patched boot.img from fastboot it works fine.
has anyone here had the same ?

i'm using:
update channel reteu
magisk manager 22.1
build number: RPE31.Q4U

update: i tried the canary build of magisk but it doesn't seem to change anything.
installed version of magisk: 22104

i was hoping someone here can confirm that they have or can't get it to working on the reteu channel .
phone model is the xt2041-3

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    and ofcource , after posting this i found the answer......

    it appeared i had a module installed not compatible with android 11

    so i booted into safemode ( hold volume down as soon as the phone vibrates) , then reboot the phone ( magisk modules will be disabled after a safemode boot) , i removed all modules, and i'm back :)