Getvolte working on custom roms. Oreo and nougat

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Mar 11, 2014
Install oxygen os or open beta latest. Then insert the jim sim only in slot 1. Slot 2 must be empty. Den after the network is shown, dial *#*#4636#*#*. In the menu that comes up, select network as LTE only. See whether volte icon is der at this stage. Now after this install the custom rom.. Dont insert the second sim now. After installing the custom rom and getting to home screen , see whether volte is working. It will work. Now insert the other sim in slot 2. Keeping the jio sim in slot 1. Volte will work. If you plan on using any other new sim.. make sure u first put it along with jio first. Jio should be in slot 1. After this only u can shuffle the sims wid the slots.

This method worked for me in every custom rom and volte will stick after reboots also.

Works on oneplus 3. Should work on 3t also.

You dont need to do this each time you flash a new rom. Do this if volte is not working or when you change from oos to custom roms.