Ginger yoshi 1.5 (android 2.3.5) for 32b and 32a old and new radio ^_^

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    ok guys here is ginger yoshi 1.1 for the mytouch 3g and g1 and 32a
    this rom dose need the new radio and spl 2708 for 32b
    no need to flash gapps they are built in
    as always here is the froyo yoshi/ginger yoshi team
    Froyo yoshi/ginger team:
    big thanks to them for all there hard work ^__^
    Brock Samson

    for 32b you need SPL 1.33.0013d and RADIO or 27.08 just flash normal ginger yoshi
    for 32a you need SPL 1.33.2010 or 1.33.2009 and RADIO you will need the old radio(3.22) flash 32a kernel
    if you are on 32a new radio then download the ginger yoshi 32a new radio just flash 32a new radio
    bug tracker by mmaiolo81 to see what bugs are left give a look here
    new radio and spl guide by AntonJart:if you need help upgrading to the new radio and spl then go here this is a great help ^__^
    *guys if you need a tut on how to partition your sdcard and get your phone ready to flash this rom then watch this
    big thanks to cpaixao for this ^_^
    ginger yoshi 1.0 to 1.2 change log are now in the change log attachment so if you want to see past changes look there

    ginger yoshi 1.2.1 (1.2.1 fix 1 is for anyone on the mytouch 1.2 or 32a old radio or 32b that is having problems with wifi or mic)
    1. new wallpaper
    2. new boot anim back to a classic ^__^
    3. new screen size option when flashing set dpi to 140 or 160 140 is smaller but looks really cool ^__^
    4. new cm options
    5. updated zeam
    6. updated linda
    7. max browser is in the download folder if anyone wants it ^__^
    8. here is the cm change log
    9. 7.1.0-pre
    10. Common: Bluetooth mouse support - Scott Brady
    11. Common: Improve notification swipe-to-clear - Evan Charlton
    12. Common: Improve album-artist support in media scanner - Paul Crovella
    13. Common: Profile improvements and bugfixes - Martin Long
    14. Common: RTL text improvements - Eyad Aboulouz, Eran Mizrahi
    15. Common: Wake on volume key option - Sven Dawitz
    16. Common: Support for revoking application permissions - Plamen K. Kosseff
    17. Common: Latest Superuser app - ChainsDD
    18. Common: Control brightness by sliding on statusbar - Danesh M
    19. Common: Add "copy all" to context menu - Danesh M
    20. Common: Lockscreen haptic and statusbar indicators toggle - Danesh M
    21. Common: Nicer timepicker/datepicker - Jiri Tyr
    22. Common: Configuration 0/90/180/270 rotation - Jonas Larsson, Scott Brady
    23. Common: DSP Manager bugfixes and improvements - Antti S Lankila
    24. Common: Support for launching apps via gestures in the background - Jiri Tyr
    25. Common: Option to hide hold button during call - Roberto Leinardi
    26. Common: Allow using wildcards for call blacklisting - Nihanth Subramanya
    27. Common: Option to allow in-call lockscreen to match main lockscren - Sven Dawitz
    28. Common: Option to notify about incoming call only in background when screen is on - Pavel Kucera
    29. Common: Optional GMT correction for SMS/MMS timestamps - Terry Hau
    ginger yoshi 1.3
    1. last 2.3.4 base next will be 2.3.5 ^_^
    2. cm screen shots built in
    3. new wallpaper
    4. good speed boost ^_^
    5. bug fixes ^^
    6. cm updats
    7. maxthon update in the add on folder really good ^^
    ginger yoshi 1.4
    1. many bug fixes from CM
    2. 2.3.5 based ^_^
    3. abit faster
    4. boot anim added back
    5. new radio rom has linda and normal rom has the cm file manager
    ginger yoshi 1.5
    1. cm bug fixes
    2. custom lock screen wallpaper
    3. seams to run faster more responsive
    4. also thanks to my wife Sofy for the great wallpaper idea ^__^

    ginger yoshi download folder all roms inside as well as kernels and add on

    *also 1.1 can be downloaded from rom manager as well it will be under my email [email protected] it is out for the g1 and mytouch at the moment*

    also for anyone that would like to question our new kernel on this rom here is the link to it ^_^

    thanks for the new OP top graphic goes to stevenc19 ^_^
    thanks to buzabenedek for the new OP banner
    hope you enjoy this rom ^__^
    (credit to Nforce for the new base rom and ezterry for the yes and no options that are there when flashing also to Maxthon for there support and new browser ^_^ and elelinux for his help and carz12 for 32a new radio kernel)
    great job yoshi!!!
    ok guys here is RC6 i do hope you enjoy ^__^
    a note the profile option dose not fully work it is something there that will be fully implemented for the next build ^_^
    now for the change log
    updated phone
    updated contacts
    updated desk clock
    updated gmail
    updated market
    updated mms
    updated music
    new background
    new boot anim
    new round lock screen color and normal
    new lock screen slider option
    ginger 2.3.3
    battery % built in an option in cm parts
    also all the langs in it
    able to add custom app to search button long press
    lock screen song name option
    lock screen album art option
    custom app for lockscreen option not just messaging
    cc hack and swap option on flash added back
    fixed change log
    default lock screen changed to remaped i think it looks cool ^__^
    here is 5.1

    rs download link

    will be uploaded to rs in a bit
    change log
    langs back
    updated 3d gall seams faster at loading pics
    updated html viewer web pages seam to load faster
    added the 3rd theme
    updated mms
    took out beautiful live wallpaper
    updated desk clock
    RC7 i do hope you enjoy ^_^

    change log,
    ui changes to browser
    new wallpaper
    took out cm wallpaper
    took adw out and added stock launcher as an option
    default cc is 20 but option to add up to 61 cc in yoshi mod parts
    lock screen ui updated ^_^
    power control ui updated
    calculator ui updated
    connected music added
    livewallpaper picker and car home and chrome2phone taken out
    market updated
    updated mms
    updated phone
    updated setting
    updated cmparts
    bruts maps added
    also livewallpaer is made into a zip in the download folder if you want it flash in recovery