Glass replacement?

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New member
Mar 18, 2016
Hi guys my brother just recently bought a Zenfone 2 ... it's just 2 weeks old and he dropped it on asphalt from about 1m.... well even if it's gorilla glass 3 it shattered really badly. He's quite busy and asked me to find him a replacement glass but i have failed to do so, here is where you guys come in - does anybody have any exp with glass replacement? I mean where to buy it from. I found a really clear guide and video how to do it - now i just need to find a place to buy the replacement. It's only the top screen - touch works just fine - no problems wish the image either. So there you have it, we're in the UK by the way if that matters (so i guess no US shops...)
Thanks guys!


Senior Member
Oct 8, 2012
I purchased an actual Asus replacement on ebay for $25 shipped, took my about 45 minutes to replace it. You will have to purchase the double sided tape to stick it back in.


Jan 19, 2016
A $2 tempered glass screen protector from eBay or Aliexpress is also a worthy investment if your brother does not mind a submillimeter extra layer on the display.
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