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Question Global System Launcher - Search

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Senior Member
Aug 16, 2006
Hi there,
got the global (europe) version of the mi11 ultra and just found out that its some kind of xiaomi launcher with google services... i know the xiaomi launcher and "swipe up" search from my xiaomi.eu rom completlely different... i can search local apps and contacts there...

on the "google" (quick search box) swipe up, its just searching in google "live" what ah mess!? i can't lookup if the app is installed or where on the screen, also its just not displaying contacts on the phone..

any way to change this? i allready found out its part of the launcher, only found a option to turn the search off...

i also tried another launcher (Microsoft Launcher), what i would just use if there wouldn't be the next issue than, that xiaomi fullscreen gestures doesn't work anymore assoon the launcher is set as default launcher, WTF?!

i hadn't intended to unlock the device (and flash xiaomi.eu) , as i just found one or two apps that just won't work when bootloader is unlocked.... but thats so annoying 🤮🤯