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Gmail check frequency?

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Senior Member
Jun 20, 2009
I got a new phone about 2 months ago, a Moto Power G 2021, running stock firmware, not rooted, and have noticed that Gmail no longer alerts me when I receive a email, in fact it does not even check my email regularly anymore, it seems to check it around 1am, and then notify me of a dozen or so emails that were supposedly received all during the day. I have tried to find an answer to fix this issue, but am lost. I did not have this issue until I switched to a new phone. Can someone point me in a direction to try and figure out, or fix this issue?

EDIT: I do have the account set to sync, and the latest gmail app installed.


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
Power management will do it.
Clear system cache.
Check all the Google settings, online and on the Android.
Take all Google apks back to factory load, one at a time, conversely make sure all are up to date.
Try deleting and recreating your Google account.

Use manual syncing.
I only manual sync... screw Gookill