Going back to note 4 :) Been some time Have Rom questions

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Mar 9, 2011
Been on all the new phones s7 and note 5 for while now... switching back to note 4 today
Hoping for the sake of skipping going through each rom that someone can narrow down what's the Go Too Rom of choice that is current and based on 6.0.1 and has the most tweaks and mods incorporated

Been few years for me since I flahshed on a note 4.
And one curious question has there ever been a finger scan tweak that now allows to just touch the home button on a note 4 to unlock rather then swipe down method that was always hopeless
Thanks in advance xda.

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Mar 8, 2009
Fort Smith, AR
I am using a ported Note 7 rom called Note4UXedge_v10 and I love it. It is perfectly debloated and air command fully works too. It is using the systemless root method and runs very smoothly. It doesn't have any tether hacks but you can install Xposed and use the motoxtether module for perfect native tethering. You'll want to look for the [Unofficial] Xposed by Wanam for the Note 4. I subscribed to your thread in case you have more questions or need help getting it all set up just right.

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