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Going from 4.4(Not 4.4.4) to 5.1

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Sep 9, 2010
Hey guys. I haven't updated my phone since 4.4 (Not 4.4.4) because I've done all kinds of tweaks & added xposed & such. I've been really happy with my phone, so I purposely disabled OTA updates.

Well, after all these years it's time for me to wipe & start over. I'd like to keep it official because I need rock-solid stability.(I only restart my phone once or twice a month currently) so that means OTA 5.1. What path should I take to do this without bricking? I'll be manually copying stuff I want to retain, so I don't need to keep data or anything like that. I don't care about wave-to-wake because I've never had that "feature". I usually do all my de-bloating & tweaking manually, so I just want plain-jane OTA reliability as a start.

XT1060, Verizon, Developer Edition. Unlocked bootloader & currently rooted. Will I be able to root 5.1 via the normal methods once I'm on 5.1? I usually use minimal adb/fastboot to do this stuff, but I'm not opposed to using one of the various "tools/1-click/all-in-one". I just want a clean start.
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