Golf MK7 Discover Pro Hack possible?

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Jun 28, 2021
Georgia, U.S.A
Hi everyone, newbie user here
Have read this thread with great interest.

I have bought a vw discover media head unit to try to get it to work in my vw t6 transporter startline

Vw dealer has removed the component protection and the unit worked for 5 mins.
After that all the extras stopped working.
Apps, nav, tel. Only radio works.
Ive been told that as my transported didnt have these from the factory then they wont be enabled in the head unit.
Google and a few retrofit companies have also said it wont work.

So reading this thread am i correct in thinking the unit can be hacked so all systems will work in my vw t6?
Please treat me as a complete newbie with the tech and hacking
Hey there. I might have a possibility for you. I have a software patch that enables these features. Not sure what sw you have but I have one that is sw patch 253
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Sep 12, 2021
Hello, I've got a Delphi unit and someone had said on this thread that supposedly all units can be hacked already but I can't find any info on the matter. I did see that for Harman it's possible to use a USB to Ethernet adapter to connect via telnet, for Technisat it's possible to desolder the eMMC and mess with it that way, but is there anything for the Delphi unit? Also, is there any good repository with information on flashing firmware? I need it to switch languages since I have an American model on which I need European languages. Thanks.


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Jul 25, 2022
Hello, I just introduced myself and activated my XDA account although I've been following you for a long time, thanks for being a source of knowledge for me.
I have a 2017 VW Passat, which comes with a Discover Pro Gen 2 kit. I would like to know if I can update it, activate carPley Mirror etc.
I do not know the specific model but I am going to try to upload some images, in case someone knows how to identify the system:
Thanks in advance and greetings.

1 20220724_172148.jpg
2 20220724_172114.jpg
3 20220724_172124.jpg

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    Hello everyone, hope I'm posting in the right place!

    I own a VW Golf MK7 with the Discover Pro media system.

    Recently I found a copy of the update package for it, and dabbling inside I found out a ton of cool info.

    It's based ona Tegra 2 platform, and runs QNX 1.2b. There seems to be a way to telnet to the system somehow. Inside the files I found a ton of stuff, like what seems to be the user and root passwords?

    nopasswd root::0:0::/root/:/bin/sh
    user::100:100:FTP User:/eso:/bin/sh
    group root:x:0:
    ffs3.1ver #DATUM 2037

    I don't know much about QNX, maybe someone can help and something can be done? Unlocking Mirrorlink? Unlocking other features? Installing apps? Installing android on it since it's Tegra 2 Based?

    Thanks for the time and help!
    I found by root this text: daPzPBI8LXeWY could you help me with decrypt???
    You have a Skoda? ;)
    Sorry for the late reply... but you inspired me some time ago to start digging into this.

    I've built a serial cable to connect into the back of the Discover Pro MIB1 unit, and now I've got root access to the unit. So far I haven't been able to enable SWAP features, but I did make some changes to the Green Engineering Menu, that allow me to set stuff and run scripts from SD again.

    I also enabled WLAN hotspot on the Non-telephone-capable unit, but I haven't been able to put it into WLAN Client mode yet... that's another hurdle for an other time, I guess. Enabling wlan unhides the Google Earth and online services checkboxes in the navigation, but since it doesn't have any connection yet... it doesn't do much.

    I would love to exchange thoughts and experiences about this device!!
    Yes indeed.

    Open efs-system.img from the firmware files, search for root:
    If you find root:, you will see the password hash. This hash is 3des, and can be cracked. That will be your password.

    Some questions:

    1) This can be possible also with MIB2 "non-pro"?

    2) To enable the TELNET access is required to enable the Green Manufacturer Menu?

    3) The USB dongle has all the time the TELNET server enabled, or only when the Green Menu is enabled?

    Thank you for sharing this info.

    1: should be possible, just use one of the network adapters I mentioned
    2: as far as I can tell, this is always on. But it doesn't hurt to enable developer mode
    3: all the time.