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Good Batteries in 2021

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Oct 16, 2020
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Aug 23, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S10
Hello all,

It is currently very hard to get hands on some genuine Samsung batteries or Anker batteries. That being said, do you guys have any recomendations on batteries brands? As far as I know, AKKU makes the only good quality batteries for the i9100. https://www.polarcell.de/en/mobile-phone-batteries/samsung/galaxy-s-series-polarcell-li-ion-replacement-battery-for-samsung-galaxy-s2-gt-i9100.html

Thanks in advance!
Oh ... Good old S2.
As I do no longer own this device (it's years ago), I am no up-to-date about batteries for it.
If I remember correctly, most users said that stock Samsung batteries had best quality. But IDK if Samsung still produces and sells those batteries.