Goodbye Huawei? What is your next phone?


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Aug 16, 2012
Just picked up a resonably priced 20x 5g and enjoying it so far. The faster charging rate is very 😎
I got myself a 5g sim to test with it, see what speeds I can get at home at and the office.


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Oct 12, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S Plus I9001
thats it for me folks, im also leaving the 20X behind, just ordered myself a Pixel 7 Pro. i KNOW im gonna miss the bigass screen, but tbh im just sick n tired of the super locked down system with literally no options to customize anything... was a good ride! c ya


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Aug 16, 2012
Enjoy the Pixel! Never tried one myself. I recently swapped to my first 20x 5g from the 20x and after some messing with battery optimization am really liking it. Could have stayed with the 4g model with less hassle 😆


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Oct 7, 2005
4 years on and still love my Mate 20X 4G. It really doesn't feel like a 4 year old phone. Who needs a folding phone with all the compromises when you've got a 7.2" display in your pocket ready to use in an instant? And the camera system still comes close to a new flagship.


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Aug 16, 2012
4 years on and still love my Mate 20X 4G. It really doesn't feel like a 4 year old phone. Who needs a folding phone with all the compromises when you've got a 7.2" display in your pocket ready to use in an instant? And the camera system still comes close to a new flagship.
Yup, definitely agree. I just swapped to the 5g version for a change rather than anything else. Like your experience it feels to me like a very modern phone. I've rejected various Notes and suchlike in the last years and always returned to the 20x.
The 5g version has much worse battery life and the speaker setup is not as good. So in practical terms the 20x would have been perfectly fine for more years. It's just cool to see the 5g symbol appear on it 😁


Feb 14, 2011
I'm still loving my Mate 20X 4G, best phone I've ever owned, I just don't know what phone I'd jump to next if I had to, real shame there isn't any decent phablets out there that compares to the 20x, I dread the day I have to give it up.

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    Problem with the S20 Ultra is that it is more narrow than the current S10 5G with a 6.7" screen (76mm vs 77.1mm). Phones are getting taller and narrower these days.

    I just got an S10 5G and it is pretty awesome. The screen is curved but it seems to be not as curved as the Note 10 (I could be wrong on that but it seems that way to me and I had a Note 10 Plus for a day last week (returned due to damage)). The S10 5G is still quite a bit smaller than the Mate 20 X but overall it seems to be a great phone.

    I've been using the S10 5G for a few days and it has been great.....

    Until I took the Mate 20 X out of the drawer and powered it up. I switched back to the 20 X. :cool:
    😆 can you imagine the amount of Mate 20x that flood the market if we really had the chance to upgrade to a 2022 7.2" phone
    Or maybe Samsung once they have successfully integrated AMD GPU on their upcoming flagships.

    Things that matter to me are large screen, large battery, true stereo speakers, and exceptional performance. So it could be the next Kirin 1000 based mate xx or any other brands that provide those features.
    100% same as u.
    In. My world a Big phone with 19:9 is minimum 7 inch. But I prefer 16:6 6,8 inch
    I don't care of brand at all.

    My priority is:
    1. Big display
    2. Big battery
    The rest is not that important for me nowadays, most phones in 2019- have okay specs.

    But if I can get my 2 top priorities in a phone/phones, i buy this with best specs.

    Last year I had Samsung Note 9, all to tiny for me.
    Then MI Max 3, then Honor 8x max, then Honor note 10 and since December 2018 my dear beloved Mate 20X.
    Every time I bought a phone a new was released short after... First time ever I remember that many Big phones the same year [emoji3]
    And now in 2019 Nothing, not even 1 Big phone is released... Hmmmmmmm.
    Dad is mad.

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    I've tried most every flagship and some midrange phones currently available (this includes OP 7, OP 7T, OP 7 PRO, Note 10+, Galaxy A70, Nubia RM 3, Nubia RM 3s, LG V40, Vivo Nex S, Mate 10 (non-pro), Mate 20 (non-pro), Pixel 3 XL, and others). I keep coming back to the Mate 20 X. I still have the 7T, LG V40, and Nubia 3S sitting in a drawer (I really should post them for sale). The Mate 20 X is simply one of the best phones ever created in my opinion. I do wish it was very slightly smaller but all the other phones are too small. I'm on my second 20 X after selling the first one (mistake). The battery life on this thing is just crazy good. Performance is just a tiny bit slower than the latest from OnePlus. I use an alternate launcher and have it loaded with all the Google apps (Phone, Contacts, Clock, Calendar) so I never really see EMUI except in settings. It's awesome!

    With all that said, I'm still waiting for a phone that is truly comparable. The only one left I'm curious about trying is the ASUS ROG Phone 2 but I haven't convinced myself to spend the $900 for it yet.
    my next phone will be Surface Duo... for sure! :D