Goodbye: I've Move Up To The Galaxy A50 Xfinity Class

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Jul 11, 2011
Just Wanted To Say, Take Care... :cool:

I've upgraded to the United States Version of the Samsung Galaxy A50 Xfinity Class.
Even though I purchased my S9+ from Amazon.. and got a unit that was just built in March of 2019 ( yeah.. I was surprised too.. but verified it through Samsung ) and it was a "U1", I just could not justify the $600.00 cost ( Unit + Tax ) for a device that was released in February of 2018. So, I sent it back and took advantage of Xfinity's deal going on right now on the Samsung Galaxy A50..
I get 95% of the features that the S9+ ( including Samsung & Google Pay ) has with a bigger battery and screen and after their promo rebate of $250.00 that device is only going to cost me $135.00 ( including Tax )...

So.. it's been nice.. and I hope you all get good life out of your devices.

If you have a family member or friend that is looking for a great deal on a New Samsung Device that covers a lot of bases and you live in the United States and have any other Xfinity Service, you can't beat this deal.

Take Care.
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