General Google accidentally rolled out Verizon specific US build worlwide (Pixel 6/ Pro)

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Aug 4, 2015
So, Google fu*ked up. If you got the update prompt (especially outside the USA), don't do it. Deactivate auto update in Developer options until we get the december patch.

More information (german article, I'll do a translation in quotation):

Android 12: Renewed update for the Pixel smartphones was a mistake; users now have a US version

Google had surprisingly started rolling out a fresh update to Android 12 yesterday evening for many Pixel smartphones that are already running the new operating system. It very quickly became clear that this must be a bug, and now it has been officially confirmed. Now, many users should be on the road with a version that is intended for a US provider.

Many could hardly wait for the update to Android 12 in the last few months, but we would not have expected it to come twice. However, that is exactly how it was and numerous users, also in Germany, reported about the new update yesterday evening. This might have seemed strange to many, so that the 1.5 gigabyte update was not downloaded and installed for the time being. However, some others have installed it.

Now Google has stopped the rollout and confirmed the assumption that it was a version designed for the US provider Verizon, which was accidentally offered to all users worldwide. They quickly stopped it and officially do not see a problem in the fact that this version is now used by many other users. The next update, probably the security update in December, is supposed to correct the whole thing. We can only hope that it will remain problem-free for all courageous users.

At this point we don't know if it might be a problem, especially concerning the whole deactivating 5G thing-y. Best just don't update at all if you are not a US Verizon customer.

For reference:
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    Phew, this is about a software update. When I read your headline I thought they sent us the wrong hardware :-D.