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Dec 25, 2021

I've a OP 8Pro running on Android 11 (, since the last hot fix with the recent security updates and fixes released by OP I'm facing an issue when using mobile data, if i try to browse google discover services I get the prompt as if i'm not connected to internet, then when trying to browse on google chrome i get the error "ERR_NO_SUPPORTED_PROXIES", however, if i open pages in private mode all is working fine, other services like WhatsApp or others apps are working fine and there is internet connection through 4G.

I tried clear up cache & data of google apps, reinstall google apps, reset default APN from the carrierr, reboots and other suggestions I've found browsing around forums but so far no luck... and is currently frustrating since common google things are not working.


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Nov 30, 2022
I've been struggling with this problem for more than a year and came up with the conclusion it has something to do with planned obsolescence or Oneplus phone.
My Android phone is 5 years old (Oneplus 5T) and I have the issue only with google apps. I've also tried to clear up cache & data of google apps, reinstall google apps, reset default APN from the carrierr, reboots and other suggestions but absolutely no change at all.

I found a temporary solution:
Whenever the app is not working, disable and enable mobile data and go back to the app .
It works for me for every google app but chrome.

I decided to buy a new phone with Black Friday and the issue is solved on the new phone, but I couldn't add any of my current credit cards to google wallet, because of a more annoying and unsolvable bug...
Since the new phone did not offer a huge User Experience difference from Oneplus I'm returming the phone and went back to my old OnePlus.
For the chrome issue I've decided to switch to another default browser and voilà!

Sorry it's not more helpful but hope it might be of any use...


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Nov 30, 2022
Hey! It's me again!

Seeing that it seemed related to OnePlus phones from every message in the thread I just called OnePlus support and got the following troubleshooting:

1) Go to Google Play Store settings and set App Download preferences to "Ask me everytime"
2) Open Google Play Store App info, then reach the 3dots menu on the top right and uninstal updates.
3) It will ask if you want to replace the app with Factory Version. Tap Yes
4) Do the same for every Google App having issues
5) You might need to restart the phone or the apps won't work

The key is to NEVER update the apps again and make sure they wont update automatically. It's kind of annoying to say the least but (for now...) I won't have to buy another phone.



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Feb 23, 2008
Hi, need to add that I've LG G8s, not an OnePlus. But the exact same symptoms. Reverting the GApps isn't a possibility for me, since LG rolled out 2 big updates, the last one before christimas, bringing the device to Android 12.

I tried several things the last months:
e.g. I tried the SIM card of my girlfriend, who has another provider, and everything worked on mobile data. So I asked my provider for a new SIM card, reset APN, no changes, no GApps working...
I then ended up hard resetting the device and installing everything from the scratch again, no change.

But I've made another interesting observation... Installing a VPN (WIndscribe) and connecting to it while on mobile data will make all GApps work again. As soon as I disconnect, the're offline again?!

So my conclusion as a noob, there must be some wrong settings (in the system, google dependent), which even with hard reset an APN reset aren't fixed. Any ideas?
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    Hello @pepi0
    I have a One Plus 7 pro with Android 11 and I have the same problem. Did you found the solution?
    Thanks a lot
    Any news on this, I've got the same issue and alsoo tried everything the thread starter tried without luck