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Sep 12, 2014
for everyone who wonders, the apk provided by kingwicked (thanks!) in this thread
works on my gw4c in an unsupported country (I'm using English for the assistant and wear OS language) .
so you can sideload it if you want to.
sideload it, setup was easy from the app icon in the watch's app launcher.
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Jan 20, 2009
Samsung Gear 2
Samsung Gear S2
For The Netherlands, it appeared for me when I went on the watch to Play Store / My Apps. It showed in the updates there.

One issue I have with it, is that the spoken responses (Dutch works) stutter when it contains more than a few words. Anyone else with this issue?


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Nov 2, 2010
I´ve read in a german forum that some have stuttering assistant when using "hey Google" on GW4. Same people report fluent speech if assistant was started with long press button.
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    MOD EDIT: Quote removed since post removed.

    That's been talked about before and it's super sketchy. You have to install some random guys app store, give his app tons of permissions, pay him then you get a limited version of Google assistant.

    His telegram group have banned people for asking about the security concerns of his apps permissions. Super sketchy
    Hi guys, only want to share my experience trying to install the google app and google assistant in my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

    1) Download the google app (wear os) on apk mirror

    2) active the developer mode in the watch, turn on debug mode and debug on wifi

    3) install "Wear installer" on my phone and connect to the watch, from here traspassing and install the google app on the watch

    4) the app not show in the launcher, but i can change the predefined assistent app to Google!!! I show you in the pictures added

    I have no idea how to make this work, but is promissing!! Maybe somebody read this and can make it, or maybe this almost compatibility mean that the official app is coming in the near futue!

    Sorry for my english, im spanish
    Unfortunately the official GA isn't avaible in a lot of country (my poor Italy included)... There Is a way to sideload the apk and make It work? Speaking english isn't a problem.
    Use Bugjaeger app connect to your watch with wifi adb to your phone and try sideloading this official Google Assitant app pulled from my Watch4Classic 46mm N America Region 😉
    Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4 classic. Working for me. I follow theses steps

    And Download this apk here :

    Google Assistant Go Galaxy Watch 4.apk
    6.5 MB

    and in your watch 4 go to settings, Apps, Choose default Apps, Digital Assistant App, Choose Google assistant Go and scroll down to OK button. You are done.

    I use Bugjaeger 3.0 on my phone to Sideload my Apk's " follow the steps on youtube to sideload apk's from your mobile to your smartwatch.

    Bugjaeger 3.0
    Assitant and chrome in attachment.
    Booth are working. Just sideload it, and set assistant as default.