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Google Assistant switches to English and stops working

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Senior Member
Jun 2, 2008
it's a few months I'm dealing with an absurd problem with Google Assistant on my S20 Ultra.
Firmware releases have passed as Google app versions, but problem persists and Samsung's support is useless.

My phone is set to Italian.
Simply, after some time Google Assistant begins to appear half in English and half in Italian.
Check this video for better understanding:
As you can see, it doesn't work either in English or Italian till I kill it.

I checked all language settings in my phone and in the Assistant's settings, it's all set to Italian.
I just have English and Italian as offline speech recognition languages, as English cannot be uninstalled.

Clearing Google app's data, reinstalling the app and also factory resetting the phone doesn't fix.

I honestly have no more ideas.

Any suggestions?