Google Camera 7.0 PORT for Xiaomi Mi MIX2 [Lineage OS 16 (Android Pie)]

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Jan 24, 2015
Recently I got a Xiaomi Mi Mix2 in second hand so I flashed Lineage and wanted a google camera so I started trying a lot of apks of the google camera provided by:

I almost gave up because for some reason I was not able to find one that worked well. Until I found this one:
From the dev: Parrot043

In my case this apk works very well, apart from one slight glitch that I came across, for some reason sometimes when in front facing camera the shutter doesn't take the picture, but if I switch to another mode, for example to portrait, and then go back to the mode that I was in, I can take the picture without any problem.

I don't know if this is necessary but I disabled google play protection to install the app and in developer options I ticked the box "Force GPU rendering for 2D drawing", by doing this I managed to make it work, however you mileage may vary....Try it out at your own will!!!! Thank You to Parrot043.
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Dec 3, 2009
Mondovi (CN)
I use it from 1st version available. It works good on PE 10.
For portrait bug, i have disabled "face retouching" and "advanced Hdr in portrait" and works flawlessy.
I have disabled Motion photo too, cause i don't use it.

Anyway, if you try on Pie, the_dise Gcam 7 has slowmotion at 240fps instead of 120fps. ??? But almost nothing of other modes works. Does not work in Q rom.

Message to devs: Mix up slowmotion of the_dise with camera of Parrot43 !!! Pleaseeee :)