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Google Camera by Urnyx05

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    Google Camera Port

    by @Urnyx05

    This is a thread where I share my GCams and you can report me bugs.

    How to report bugs:
    If possible, post on a thread for your phone or here if you can't find a thread for your phone. Please describe the issue and give details about your setup:

    - Camera2 Test (included description)
    - Phone, ROM, any fixes installed;
    - Name of the apk you're using;
    - Screenshots or video recordings of the bug if you're able to;
    - A logcat if there's a crash (How to save a logcat: video guide, advanced guide);
    - Steps to reproduce the bug/crash;
    - Mention me;

    - Your report will be ignored if no logs or a good explanation is provided.
    - I will do my best to fix bugs, but keep in mind that this is a free port and I also have my personal life.

    How can I translate GCam in my language?
    Check this website: https://urnyx05.oneskyapp.com

    - BSG for having started the port
    - Arnova8G2 because he has helped me a lot in these months
    - Savitar and IDan because they have been my teachers
    - Celso for hosting all GCams in his site
    - San1ty, Xtrme, Zoran, CStark, Tadi, Namok, Fahmi, Fu24, Eszdman, back.rider and every other modder who has helped me
    - Google developers for having done a fantastic job with their own algorithms​
    Available versions

    GCam 7.3.018

    • Version 2.4
      - Partially fixed videos on aux lenses (it works only at 4k resolution)
      - Added IMX686 AWB extracted from Poco F2 Pro libraries
      - Added an option to enable logcat in order to help development even for unrooted devices
      - Fixed dots on ultrawide sensor of Poco F2 Pro
      - Disabled dot fix on OP5 aux lens
      - Added an option to change the intensity of dotfix algorythm on Poco F2 Pro
      Link to download

    GCam 7.2.010

    • Version 2.3
      - Fixed aux IDs on LG, Motorola and Lenovo devices
      - Fixed crash on BQ and Nokia devices
      Link to download

    GCam 6.3.017 - Urnyx05 & Xtrme

    • Version 0.6
      - Forced Pixel 3 AWB everywhere
      - It can be installed side by side with my GCam and Xtrme's one
      Link to download

    GCam 6.2.030

    • Version 2.5
      - Fix 60 FPS on Indian K20/20 Pro
      - Added support for dot fix on Realme 2 Pro (you need root and this Magisk module to fix dots - thanks to Wyroczen for having modded the lib)
      - Added switch for 12/48 MP on Mi9 (you must use Eszdman's Magisk module, remembering there's a bug in videos due to which EIS doesn't work using stock camera)
      - Increased maximum allocated memory
      Link to download
    New update of GCam 7.2.010 is out!

    - Changed the way how to use HDR+ Enhanced in portrait mode (now there's the same switch as normal camera mode) - thanks Arnova
    - Fixed crash on Realme X2 Pro, OP7T Pro McLaren, RN8 Pro (begonia) and Samsung devices (only Snapdragon ones)
    - Forced RAW10 on front camera of OP6/6T
    - Added the option to enable/disable Google Photos
    - Fixed astrophotography on OP6 and OP7 series (thanks Parrot)
    - Fixed resolution on aux lens for Mi9T/9T Pro (thanks Burial)
    - Fixed crash on OP7 series using some custom ROMs

    Here is the link to download:

    Merry Christmas to everybody ;)
    New update of GCam 7.2.010 is out!

    - Fixed green tint on front camera on Mi5, Mi5S and several other devices
    - Added Bengali, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish translations (thanks to all the translators)
    - Increased max allocated memory (it can improve speed on some mid/low range phones)
    - Now the option to show HDR+/HDR+ Enhanced switch is ON by default

    Here is the link to download:

    If you want to help translating the app, check this link:

    Happy New Year to everybody ;)
    New update of GCam 7.2.010 is out!

    - Fixed aux IDs on LG, Motorola and Lenovo devices
    - Fixed crash on BQ and Nokia devices

    Here is the link to download:

    This is my last update based on 7.2.010. Now, I'm going to move to GCam 7.3 as soon as possible.