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Google Camera HDR+

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Senior Member
Aug 13, 2015
Is there any way to use a modified APK to use the telephone lens as in the recent mod for mi a1? I tried the APK linked here (LOS 15.1 with no modules installed) but that FC on opening

I also tried this with cstark27_GCam_5.1.018_24_tele_v0.1a.apk with and without module. Both FC.

I'm not easily confused but all these different camera combos have got me scratching my noggin :confused:
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Senior Member
Feb 11, 2015
Guys I'm absolutely happy with MGC_5.1.018_FINAL_3.5_beta.apk . It takes amazing photos. But tap to focus does not work for front camera. That's my only issue. Any solutions?


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Sep 9, 2008
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    please help to fix the auto focus on mi6.
    I'm going to look for the source code of a device that uses two sensor lens at the back
    Thread cleaned up.

    Please respect what the developer does instead of asking him again and again to implement some specific features.

    A polite request should be sufficient. After request, kindly wait for the dev and have patience for him to consider your request and decide whether to implement the feature. Sounds good, yes?

    Hope I made myself clear.

    in my mi6 the frontal photo hdr + tando normal how much picture got the color half pink

    put black level front camera = 64
    I really really need front portrait to work please
    ----------emoji censored----------

    Hey have you seen the Pixel 2 by Google?
    It comes with google camera preinstalled and the hardware to support it so you get all the features from the box! Go check it out! /s

    Stop begging on XDA. It's not the place.
    Be patient or learn how to mod apks.

    Its insulting really because BSG probably spent a lot of time getting just the autofocus to work and immediately the next wave of cries for more features arrives.
    Camera has stopped when opening.

    AtomicOS AOSP 8.1 based

    Camera2api enabled.

    Beta 1.7 working without autofocus.

    Does it need anything special?

    The OP3 version is working.
    Same limitations as always. Autofocus and HDR+ not working as expected.
    Good concept
    Another version that I corrected for OP3