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Oct 22, 2010
So what are the differences between the Google camera and stock Samsung?


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Oct 15, 2017
thanks, it is works on my G930FD (exynos) but it only work for thee rear camera, when it turned to use front cam, the apps will stop working..
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Oct 17, 2017
Seems to work well. Haven't tried selfie yet. Like the color reproduction better than the Samsung camera. It is giving me a risk ware warning though. Should I be worried?

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    I got Portrait mode going on SG7 exynos. Only 1 line needed to be changed (changed image format from RAW10 to RAW_SENSOR). You need to focus on a face to have any effect obviously.

    Recommended config:
    Model: Nexus 6
    Portrait mode on all models: on off
    camera.faceboxes: on

    Still need to test it on a more distant target... It gave me a bit of haircut, but it is not that bad.
    So test pic:

    Here is a more stable version, less likely to crash and leak memory. Disadvantage: you have wait longer between hdr+ and portrait shots. Use the settings in my quoted post, leave everything else on default setting.
    Front cam is still no go.
    Finally i found the Only Version of Google Camera with working HDR+
    after trying several versions
    HDR+ is working fine for my device S7 Sprint G930P (snapdragon)

    B-S-G's Modded Google Camera 5.0.009 with HDR+ for Android 7.0 / ARM64
    Download link v5
    Purple front cam fixed for exynos. Clean install please!

    Camera api2 reports incorrect value for COLOR_FILTER_ARRANGEMENT for front cam, so I overrode it.

    Still to enable hdr+ for front cam.

    Known bug: when you exit settings for the first time, you get a black screen. Force close the app, and start again, it will be ok second time.

    Snapdragon users should leave "Fix black level Front camera" on 0 too!

    UPDATE: on highly exposed areas purple color is still there. At least on exynos.

    Here is an update to my port of Google Camera for exynos. Unfortunately I couldn't fix the color issues with the front camera in portrait mode on S7, but anyway I release it as it is, hopefully someone can take it further. The problem is that samsung's implementation of camera2 api for the front camera on S7 exynos is half baked unfortunately. The api doesn't report the necessery sensor information to convert from raw to sRGB correctly, thus Google's hdr+ image processing stuff doesn't work correctly. E.g. black levels are way off, color transformation matrices are filled with dummy values etc.. Some expert in raw conversion could perhaps guess the correct values by looking at the photos, but sorry I can't.

    -rebased to v2b by BSG (big thanks to him)
    -fixed front camera in non hdr+ mode
    -front camera in portrait mode works but buggy (purple). Perhaps s8 users have more luck.
    -forced OIS on in photo mode. It helps non hdr+ images in low light a lot if you have a shaky hand.
    -now you can select every model... (i dont see any difference tbh)

    For settings, look at the screenshot.

    Here is the fix for purple colour on exposed areas on S7 Exynos. I only fixed Pixel XL device, so use that. As a side affect noise increased... But well lit shots are very sharp in portrait mode now.
    You can enable HDR+ for front, but it is very unstable. Success depends on exposure somehow. If it hangs, you have to restart the app to take hdr shots again.
    Reenabled medium,very high etc hdr settings. Not that I see any difference in quality, but some of you asked for it... Non default settings will make portrait mode less stable for sure.