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Feb 8, 2008
Here the shots with modded camera app that should work with HDR+, no differences. (one hdr+ on, the other hdr+ off)


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Dec 30, 2006
Thanks for everyone's responses. I will continue testing the 2.7 against the stock camera. I still cannot explain why the same picture taken on a tripod appears to be overexposed with stock camera compared with GCam.


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Dec 28, 2005
Ok, here's a picture of a tree. It actually says 'processing HDR' on the gallery when selecting it, and the image discernably changes. The colour balance is way off though and I can't get it quite right by tweaking.


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Mar 3, 2008
Truly strange. If it works on Mate 10 pro it should also work with the P20 PRO! I'm trying different versions of the same moddder but nothing, no one starts.
Ps. I'm on 156patch3 firmware.

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    Some stable Google Camera ports for P20 Pro (CLT-L09)

    Hey, guys,

    Just a quick heads up. The Google Camera on your P20 Pro is not useless at all. As I have posted in a different thread earlier, the stock camera has major focusing issues in close-up shots due to the multiple-lens setup. In short, you have to be very lucky to get a well-focused macro shot with it. MGC (Modded Google Camera), on the other hand, relies solely on your main 40MP lens to take beautiful sharp pictures and videos every time. Even without Pixel's HDR+ and portrait mode, MGC beats stock hands down when it comes to overall image sharpness, colour reproduction and focusing speed (due to Pixel's ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag) technology), not to mention the built-in AR-based panorama and photo sphere modes. But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding (See the attached images).

    Big thanks go to Magnus3D for pointing out a semi-stable OP6v0.1_5.1.018 MGC for P20 and P20 Pro earlier in this thread. There are also more stable (subject to further testing) ports available with manual focus support for those all-important close up shots in all 40MP glory. They are UriKill_MGC_5.1.018_FinalMOD_All_Inc.apk and MGC_5.1.018_v2e_tolyan009_v1.1_manual_focus.apk. There is also a stable port without the manual focus option MGC_5.1.018_FINAL_3.5_beta.apk. I cannot be held responsible for their contents (as I am merely sharing my own experience). All credit for making these links available for download goes to celsoazevedo of

    Hello @Arnova8G2,

    I saw your work with the Google Camera Mod for various phones and I just want to say impressive work! I am using the Huawei P20 Pro and absolutely hates the Front Camera functionality. Tried to download your file to use on my phone but was unable to do so. When I try downloading it is says there as a problem parsing the package. Do you by any chance know if it would work with the P20 Pro? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
    An interesting discovery today. It turns out that a version of GCam for P20 and P20 Pro with HDR+ support has been hiding in plain sight among older builds. I am testing this now. Pls, post your own findings here.

    Update: Yepp. It's official. For better or worse, but we finally have HDR+ on P20 Pro with this build of GCam.
    There is another workaround on the overexposed front camera images using the Google Photos Editor App
    (I've read it from another XDA thread).

    The results are stunning! It's almost as if the photos were taken using an actual Google Pixel front camera! (In my opinion)

    I suppose the image enhancement algorithm for the Google Photos app is similar to the image post-processing of Google Pixel phones.
    Note: Google Photos is commonly preinstalled along with Gmail, Hangouts, GMaps.

    Step 1 - Snap a selfie using the native app
    Step 2 - Preview the photo and click the (...) at the bottom right
    Step 3 - Click Advanced Edit ---> Select Google Photos
    Step 4 - Select the second icon next to the filters menu.
    You will find 3 sliders (Light, Color, and Pop)
    Step 5 - Slide Pop all the way up, as well as Color.
    You may tweak the settings more for Color and Light too!
    (There are more options when you expand it)
    Step 6 - Click Save.

    Find sample photos below:
    I see, ok.. i went through a page with a lot of different versionf of the Google Camera ported and i tested a whole lot of them to see which one's worked. Of all i tested, some 25-30 different apps i found two which works with acceptable results.


    These two get's the job done, obviously without any HDR+ but you get some pretty crisp and clear looking jpeg's from both of these with great amount of details rendered and noise is well controlled even at high ISO's. The first one even shoots 40mpix jpeg's which is nice!

    / Magnus