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Jul 30, 2017


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May 22, 2019
Gcam Urnyx latest version is the best for now. Try to use config also of K30 5G. :fingers-crossed:


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Apr 14, 2017
Anyone experience a ton of noise with the telephoto lens with the latest gcam download?


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Jul 8, 2020
I'm using latest urnyx05 and poco x2.xml, but with nightsight it often looks like this:


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Jul 24, 2014
Which gcam do you recommend Poco F2 Pro?
They told me to use the latest parrot, is it the best?

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    What's the recomended version for the cleanest image? don't need 4k60fps or super accurate colors or a lot of features, just a stable one with no noise
    With the relevant xml gave me the best results. You can also twick the output the camera settings.
    The HDR enhanced mode sampling 25 frames is recommended to get cleanest results. But it will cost you in longer processing time for each image.
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    I've been using GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.5.apk for almost a year and it is definitely the best 7.3 version for the POCO F2 Pro.

    Last year I posted my config files here and also a folder with comparison pics to the stock app.

    Now I decided to give a try to the new GCam 8.2 and what a pleasant surprise, I just found a new favorite. After a couple days testing it, I made a config file for the GCam8.2.204_Greatness.210716.1735Release_Cameight.apk

    I'm posting the config file and the GCam port, so you can give it a try.

    Pictures are working on all lenses for the POCO F2 Pro (Main, Ultrawide and Macro), with great results in every situation and also a much more balanced nightsight comparing to the older GCam 7.3.


    Updates to the config file I posted before.

    Version 1.7 changelog:

    - A little higher exposure
    - Changed custom AWB profile, because IMX686 was looking too green for me (Pixel 5 AWB profile is looking perfectly accurate for the main camera).
    - Managed noise and sharpness a little better.
    - Higher contrast between shadows and bright areas. Pictures look less flat and more detailed.


    12/08/2021 - Version 1.9 changelog:

    - A little less exposure compared to v1.7, but still a little higher than stock configuration.
    - Adjusted shadow detail on the main camera to increase dynamic range without killing the contrast between dark and bright areas.
    - New AWB profile for ultrawide camera. I tested all of them and I think I found the most lifelike color reproduction with "Generic Warm".
    - Better sharpness on ultrawide camera (no noise introduced)



    - Selfie camera produces a lot of noise if you use HRD+ Enhanced and there's no way to configure Ram Patcher just for the selfie camera. The best way to fix it, is to use just HDR+ and not the Enhanced version. Also there's no accurate AWB profile for the selfie camera, so if you want the best color reproduction, it's better to leave it off.

    Nightsight now gives you 2 options, the regular one if you use the auto nightsight that kicks in when it's dark. And an overexposed one if you manually select nightsight mode (really useful if you need to take a picture in an extremely dark place).

    - Video doesn't work on the ultrawide camera

    - I'm still working on the macro camera, but since the subjects are very small, it's hard to compare the picture results with what I'm seeing in the real world.

    - I'm thinking about making a Google Drive folder with comparison pictures between my configuration and the stock app, like I did before with GCam 7.3.
    Gcam isn’t perfect. It would be great if it got better, and it would be fantastic if a developper chose to work to make it work better specifically on our device. But Gcam is _very_ different from the stock cam. It usually comes out better, except for a couple situations. I took even more pictures to show this :



    Here, gcam has visibly better, punchier colors than stock, and is less hazy. Of course it's less bright, and that _makes_ it less hazy. The rock in the wall are more defined.

    Now for those who say "but brighter is better so stock is better", here are two scenes :



    Here both are in portrait mode and gcam doesn’t seem to work on objects yet, like on the Pixel 4. But not only does stock have this - very well defined - bokeh, it also has better colors, and less noise. It's also a bit darker ! Which one do you prefer now ?



    If you tap to set focus and exposure point, stock exposes well the dark areas, but blows out the sky. Earlier comments told me not to set the exposure point in the dark. So that's how it looks :



    (Not setting exposure for both)
    We see stock completely crushes the blacks in the ramp and in the leaves in the tree on the right.



    And sometimes both lose : Here gcam correctly exposed the sky, but at the expense of noise in the water. Hopefully this can be fixed in updates.



    The differences are important enough to fix otherwise ugly pictures.



    When Gcam handles dynamic range and white balance this much better than stock, the noise you may get isn’t enough to make me go back to stock.



    Who's brighter now ?

    And when stock stumbles on easy situations like this one :


    Or this one :


    Plus in ultra wide angle !




    Gcam brings incredible improvements to the ultrawide.
    This picture seems alright at first glance


    But start zooming in and you'll se the plants, the wood, have much less texture in stock. They look painted.



    So funny thing : stock's AI has a statue mode ! Didnt help it in this shot though...



    Both Images don’t look great here. I still prefer gcam because at least it doesn’t look like it was taken on the original iPhone.



    At this point it's not even funny anymore. After this one and



    this one I can’t understand how people can _not_ see the difference gcam brings.

    and finally


    Here gcam shows a bit more on the sides because it doesn’t have distorsion correction.
    but you can check a side by side here :
    Let everyone know what GCAM you are using.

    I'm currently using the version below from the amazing dev urnyx05
    Hey guys, I'm a poco f2 pro user since last week, coming from the poco f1. What I've noticed is that photo quality of many gcam ports for the f2 is actually worse than many ports for poco f1, at least in my case. I'm using the latest crDroid android 10 rom btw, with 12.0.3 firmware.

    For some reason I'm getting washed out colors with urnyx, wichaya and burial ports on my f2. My photos come out way too 'white' under some lighting conditions, like the white balance is way off. Google AWB doesn't really solve the issue and sometimes makes the image too dark instead which is also not really an improvement. Is it just me or is this a widespread issue with the gcam ports? The only gcam I've tested which didn't have this issue for me, is the latest tigr born to shot, with no extra configs applied. The issue is that that gcam doesn't work with the macro lens, it does work with the ultrawide camera tho when you enable the auxillary cam 2 in the settings. It's like all the gcam ports that work with the macro camera, have worse main camera photo quality as a tradeoff.

    EDIT: After some testing I have come to the conclusion that Nikita's NGCam 7.4.104 (currently the latest) works the best for me. The issue for my device (not sure if it's the same for other poco f2 devices) was that the default custom libs Google and NGCam didn't yield good results. Luckily, Nikita's gcam has the option to switch to NR57W15T17 (user_X) custom lib which was much better for my device, it's the same lib the tigr born to shot gcam uses. The Nikita gcam also works with ultrawide and macro (also video) which is of course nice. For video's it crashed when "Use restart" when switching between lenses was not enabled, so I think it's better to use that option for stability. I have uploaded my config file for the Nikita gcam in the attached zip archive.
    Here are some video tests :

    First we have Stock, Handheld 4k60 :

    Then the same thing but using burial's Gcam :

    Much better stabilisation, it also uses the OIS of the Poco F2 pro.

    Another example in another environment :
    Stock handheld :

    And Burial's Gcam :

    TrCamera isn't as stable, but the google photos app has a video stabilisation option that works pretty well :

    FOR ALL VIDEOS : They are in 4k60 and look pretty nice, but youtube crushes them quite a bit, and that's after it has had time to process them completely. If 4k isn't available yet in the resolution option menu, try again later, youtube hasn't finished processing the videos. If you know a place I can upload in original quality, that would be great !