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Dec 30, 2015
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Google Camera Mod - Zuk Z2 Plus

This is a support thread for Google Camera /+ Mod for Zuk Z2 Plus. API2 has been enabled initially on Android Oreo but later was implemented on some Nougat Roms as well ( Latest version of Crdroid Nougat, dotOS Nougat etc )
In this thread we are to discuss about the GCam Mods and Other Camera which are working nicely on Zuk Z2 Plus

  1. Download GCam Mod APK
  2. Install as normal App
  3. Open the Gcam App
  4. Enjoy!

Recommended Version for 8.x - oreo

Recommended Version for 7.1.2 - Nougat
Note: Use only in those Nougat roms with APi2 support with this config Click Here

Collection of Google Camera Mods can be found here: Click Here

Tested and Supported RoMs
  • AOSP Extended 5.x by DavideVinavil
  • LineageOS 15.x by DD3Boh
  • Validus Rom - 8.x Oreo by Mahek
  • Omni Rom - 8.x Oreo by Mahek
  • AOSiP 8.x Oreo by Subhajeet
  • dotOS 2.x - 8.x by Miju12
  • XenonHD 8.x Oreo by AnjoVingador
  • AICP 13.x - 8.x Oreo by Faiz Authar
  • AtomicOS - 8.x Oreo by Shubh Mehtani
  • Discovery ROM - Oreo by Francesco
  • CosmicOS - 8.x - Oreo by Miju12
  • Candy ROM - 8.x - Oreo by Miju12
  • Dirty Unicrons - 8.x by Mahek | Dmitrii
  • SCREW'D 8.x by Dmitri
  • ArrowOS 8.x by Kuber Sharma
  • CrDroid Nougat 3.8.5 - Final Build by Subhrajyoti
  • dotOS Nougat 1.2 - Final by Miju12

    And most probably lot others!

Other Camera App Collections

Snap Camera from Lineage
Download - SnapCamera from LineageOS

OnePlus Camera - Modded
Download - OnePlus Camera Modded

Camera Next Mod
Download - Camera_Next_Mod

Helpful links
How To Use the Google Camera Port

Troubleshooting - Google Camera Port

Google Camera Port: Safety Warning

  • BSG
  • Arnova8G2
  • SerJo87
  • Ivanich
  • Google LLC
  • OnePlus
  • Cyanogen/Lineage - Snap & CameraNextMod Team
  • DavideVinavil, DD3Boh,Cosmedd, Mahek, Subhrajyoti and other Zuk Devs

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Jul 12, 2008
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i think problem is on our rom.
i use Arnova8G2 mod. tried few settings and still lag on validus. yesterday just change to AEX 5.0 .
in hdr+ mode, is a bit smoother than validus.
with validus rom (previous ver) best setting were hdr+ mode select nexus 6 hdr zsl , model nexus 5x (but this will cause lag in aex 5.0 (30NOV) )
if AEX 5.0 (30NOV), back to nexus 6p in model selection.


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Dec 30, 2015
New Delhi , India
Added OnePlus camera - it's a flashable zip with all it's libs.
So, flash it
This Camera is my replacement of ZUK Camera in Oreo Builds.
And it works in Nougat too - not perfectly but still works good
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Jan 1, 2013

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