Google Camera with working portrait mode V8.2


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Sep 1, 2012
I found a camera that "works", if I disable HDR.

Had to go to advanced settings -> HDR+ Control, then turn HDR off in tbe quick settings.
Is it compatible with non rooted S7? Night mode etc. all working? Stable version?

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@dumbledork Try this GCam instead, it is based on 7.4 which works on Android 10 and is optimized for Exynos devices.
After installing disable framing hints to eliminate mode switching lag, go to about ZGCAM and tick "Enable Mod". Portrait mode, night sight and HDR+ all work.
Is it compatible with non rooted S7? Night mode etc. all working? Stable version?

Martin Mystere

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Feb 8, 2010
A mi me va de pena, e podido grabar un video en 1080 a 30fps (de 30fps tenia lo mismo que yo de pelo, nada), en 4k se queda negro, cambiando de modos de frames igual, en 1080 a 60fps en negro también.

La cámara se queda pillada cada 3x2 (lenta de cojones) y es imposible usarla (no e conseguido echar una foto)

Desinstalando en s7 edge con floydQ 4.0.

Pd. e deshabilitado también la sugerencia de encuadre.
You didn't take a minimal effort trying to translate this to English language but are hoping that someone will waste his time trying to translate your question and answer you!?


Btw. thanks for this port...


Nice picture but things don't like are:

- Adjusting options are almost nonexistent - you can't chose resolution, hdr parameters, auto exposure etc.
- The biggest resolution is 6MP and can't be increased to eg. 9,1MP or to be decreased if someone want it.
- When I take a picture it almost freeze - it takes seconds and seconds until next picture can be taken. Sometimes I have to exit app and enter again to take another picture.
- Switching between modes are slow.
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