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Google Home Hub Issues

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Senior Member
Aug 13, 2007
Got the new Home Hub. Already have two issues. I'm curious if others have found a solution:

1. The screen get TOO dark at night. Even though I have the screen timout setting turned off, and the Auto-Brightness Offset setting to max brightness, the screen still shuts (almost) completely off in a dark room. At night, when your eyes have adjusted to the dark, you can still only BARELY see the white numbers of the clock against the black background. People were worried that it wouldn't get dark enough for nightstand use, but this is ridiculous. Any way to brighten that up a bit? By the way, this happens even if I turn ambient brightness off.

2. The main purpose of this device will be as a bedside alarm clock (replacing my aging Nexus 7). I've figured out how to set alarms, but not how to change the alarm sound. I do not like the default tune it plays. Any way to change that? I know I can have it play music, but I do actually prefer an alarm sound -- just not the default one.

Anybody have similar issues? Any other issues that I haven't noticed yet?


New member
Oct 26, 2018
Yes. Exact same experience. I'm honestly pretty confused by the settings and the language of which mode is what. The offset doesn't seem to do anything at all for me.


Senior Member
Jul 21, 2011
I haven't had that experience with screen brightness. When I turn off the Adaptive feature, the brightness doesn't seem to adapt.

I can confirm that you cannot currently change the alarm sound, though I think I saw that option is coming this month or next.


New member
Jan 1, 2019
Go into the Display settings for your Home Hub and set the minimum brightness from dim to bright. This makes the numbers much easier to read at night when in dark mode.