Google Home/Nest hub flash method exposed and TOOL REVEALED !!

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Mar 28, 2011
Hi! Help me find the original firmware ROM for google nest 2
I have a dummy version, but it can be reflashed via micro usb and usb flasher tool from first post
Maybe this would be helpful (maybe not) - I've noticed this article:

If you take a look one of the last screenshots, it seems that the author has made the dump of all the partitions of this device. It might be worth a try to contact her and politely ask whether she could make those images available.

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    It's been a while since the initial release of the google home hub but no one knows how the firmware really get's flashed using the hidden micro usb port under the rubber bottom surface.

    Well, it's very simple, it uses the Amlogic S905D2G chip ( similar to what cheap tv boxes have ) which means it can be simply flashed with a custom rom via the Amlogic Usb burning tool. In order for it to go into flashing mode you need to hold both volume up and down buttons then plugging the power cable whilst also having the micro usb cable is plugged into a computer.


    As you can see the connection is successful meaning that this can truly be flashed but...

    There is a small catch, google never reveals pre compiled firmware for these devices meaning you would have to compile it. There was recently an update from which there was a high possibility google was transitioning to a different OS called fuchsia while seamlessly leaving the same UI as the original OS was and hopefully still is android.


    Once the drivers are installed, The google home hub can be seen as what is above. before driver install, your computer should've detected it as GX-CHIP

    Hope this helps with future development on this little platform as I don't see much going on.

    LINKS :

    Amlogic USB burning tool -

    Amlogic drivers -
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    I was hoping to find a way to flash the original firmware on the first gen hub, but there are no roms available anywhere? :(
    Thought I would drop this here, in theory it would be possible to expand the exploit to affect more models.